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Boards & Executives

Mannaz is dedicated to developing board and executives. We strive to understand, leverage and expand the future value of boards and executives, becoming the driving force that’ll shape the future.


Becoming the driving force of shaping the future calls for the board to balance monitoring and leading. What are the differences between the classic board role, monitoring how business’ are doing and the newer board role of leadership? There is no general answer, but the potential of leading into the future calls for more leadership from the board and a closer and more inspiring cooperation between the board and the executives.

The board needs to understand when to take charge, when to partner up with executives and when to leave executives to run the business. Monitoring can be done in several different ways and it still matters. Good corporate governance still matters. But the time has come for boards to rebalance their roles and responsibilities, looking also to lead the company and its executives and by that take a leadership role to deliver on company’s results and actively being part of shaping the future of the company.

Mannaz is dedicated to understand, leverage and expand the role of the board to become great board leaders keeping in mind that the board still has to monitor the company.
Strengthening board skills to become board leaders of the future and shaping the future of the company can be done by developing board members, chairmen and executives individually or even better together as a team.

When working with the board as a team two words define the Mannaz ethos: customised and collaborative. We work closely with the board and executives to understand exactly which need and which achievement they wish to invest time in. We ask, we listen, we challenge, we analyse, we plan and then we act – with the board and the executives. We follow up to make sure that the need has been met and the process has resulted in a real achievement.

The pressure on executives is growing with the same speed and complexity as changes given by the technological, political and financial globalisation. Mannaz’ fundamental reason for being is to enable executives and their organisations to cope and stay ahead of the changes and to keep the role as the driving force in shaping and implementing the organisations own future.


For more information, please contact:

Ricci Carlsson

Vice President, Board & Executives


Tlf: +45 4517 6057