Code of Conduct

Mannaz commits to conducting business in accordance with professional standards, laws and regulations.


Mannaz provides innovative business thinking and services in the areas of leadership, talent, team, and organisational development. We are experts in helping organisations unlock the power of human potential via consulting and/or training services.

This expertise is the essence of Mannaz, and is the driving force behind our mission to create sustainable teams, organisations and societies.

With an international network of 175 senior leadership facilitators and experts, executive coaches, including learning architects representing more than 40 countries worldwide, our code of conduct exists to establish our way of working with our people, clients and partners. It can be used to support decision making, establish working relationships, align expectations and uphold our organisational values, setting the standard on how we interact with clients.

Read about how we commit to conducting business in accordance with professional standards, laws and regulations:

Our Code of Conduct



Care for each other

Mannaz is old Norse for “human being” – caring for our clients and colleagues is at the heart of our business.

  • In our daily work, we take time to understand the needs of others, we listen without judgement, and work in partnership with others to create impact.
  • We make sure all our work is conducted in accordance with internationally proclaimed human rights – as a business operating internationally, we take precautions to ensure we do not engage in forms of forced labour, child labour and human trafficking. Everyone we work with is contractually engaged to meet these standards.
  • Physical and verbal abuse is not tolerated in any form. If this behaviour is witnessed in the workplace, we strongly encourage all individuals to speak up and report the information or observation to an appropriate executive in Mannaz, ensuring those in positions of responsibility take necessary action.
  • We care about the wellbeing of our people and their development, helping them grow professionally while striking a healthy balance between working and personal life.

Be respectful

Respecting other’s perspectives, opinions and ideas is at the core of our relationships at Mannaz. We recognise this is the most effective way to foster innovation and create impact.

  • Mannaz does not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of race, physical appearance, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, visible and hidden characteristics, disabilities or life choices.
  • We wish to promote and celebrate diversity in Mannaz, and recognisethat the key to a sustainable future is understanding the strength of diversity and inclusion. In practice, this means bringing diverse teams to our client initiatives, welcoming ideas that challenge the status-quo, listening, practicing curiosity, and embracing new perspectives.
  • We respectfully challenge preconceptions, and ensure dialogue and exchange is at the heart of our work, to create the right conditions for impactful work.
  • Feedback is encouraged and incorporated as standard practice in all initiatives, to support continuous progress. We empower each other and our clients to request and provide feedback regularly in a constructive and respectful manner.

Act sustainably

We are committed to ensuring sustainability is at the core of what we do and how we work, and it is our responsibility to think and act sustainability at an individual and organisational level.

  • We promote sustainable development solutions with our clients. We provide others with the skills to create impact through activities such as coaching, talent development.
  • We encourage blended solutions, with the aim of promoting great environmental responsibility. As a member of the UN Global Compact, we measure and report our progress in creating a sustainable business As individuals, we strive to identify new ways of working which support these goals.
  • At Mannaz, we aim to work with suppliers who support our commitment to act sustainably and limit our engagement with those who do not meet this standard.
  • We are committed to supporting NGO’s and ensuring our services are inclusive.

Work with integrity

Mannaz works to maintain strong business ethics and we expect our people to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism. In practice, this means:

  • All our services are secured by a contractual agreement, and we commit to meeting our obligations as outlined in our agreed terms and conditions.
  • Mannaz is IS0 9001 certified, the international standard for a quality management system. This symbolises our commitment and focus on quality in our work and internal processes.
  • We engage in dialogue around our fees and services transparently. We deliver on our promises and provide value to our clients.
  • We commit to equal pay and a fair wage
  • Confidential information is used only in accordance with applicable laws and as explicitly permitted from the outset. Our suppliers and associates agree to protect client confidentiality and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements when working with sensitive information.
  • All forms of bribery are strictly prohibited, and we must not solicit, accept, offer or pay bribes when carrying out our work
  • In situations where an individual is in the position to benefit personally from work in a professional capacity, we are obliged to declare these conflicts of interest.

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