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How strategy implementation can be more effective by using a whole organisational approach

When change is constant, impactful leadership is of the essence. We help you leverage the collective intelligence of your organisation, navigate culture and complexities and engage your stakeholders to co-create shared purpose and a sense of meaning and direction for the whole organisation.

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How to unleash the potential of people to move what matters

No matter the organisation, there will always be a need to adapt to contextual changes. There is, however, more to sustainable transformation than designing the organisational structure to meet rising business challenges.

Engaging colleagues to collaborate with a shared purpose to achieve win-win goals, requires a psychologically safe environment and a culture of teamwork, transparency, and trust. Without stakeholders’ support, both heads and hearts, sustained transformation is impossible.

It is important that the organisation’s purpose, strategy, actions, and leadership behaviours feel coherent and meaningful. If you want to earn real followership and see impactful behavioral change, getting the ‘why’ right is critical.

Our Whole System approach weaves together your strategy with stakeholder engagement and mobilises colleagues to unleash their collective resources and creativity to identify new solutions for novel challenges.

We help you design and facilitate interventions based on your needs.

· Involving team members and stakeholders to leverage the collective intelligence of your organisation

· Facilitating greater openness and psychological safety to make sure people feel included and engaged in contributing with perspectives and ideas

· Cultivating a healthy culture or eco-system ensuring different stakeholders, departments, etc, have a shared understanding of the common purpose and goals

· Creating a process where people can collaborate to shape and experiment with new solutions

· Enabling whole system awareness – a curiosity to understand the underlying structures, mindsets, beliefs, and behaviours influencing the dynamics of transformation

Case study Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is today a world leader within the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

Case study IPG Mediabrands

Media agency IPG Mediabrands believes that cultivating talent is their lifeblood. Mannaz helped to inspire new corporate values via a transformative leadership programme.

Sustainability Is your organisation implementing sustainability too slowly?

When tracking where organisations are in their sustainability transformation, we see organisations both succeeding and struggling. In this article, we have selected insights based on real life examples that can be of inspiration to other organisations. We share three examples and a transformation index.

Our services

Culture analysis and transformation

Make sense of what is going on under the surface from a multi-stakeholder perspective.

Understand your culture, ways of working, informal decision-making processes, and why some things feel easier to get done than others. Engage the whole organisation in a transformation process that nurtures what is working.

Organisation development strategy

Make your organisation a healthy place to work and fit for purpose.

Create alignment and coherence between purpose, business processes, organisational design, ways of working, culture, strategy, and goals. Most organisations have a “knowing and doing gap”, we can help you close it.

Dialogue facilitation

Have meaningful, productive, and, if necessary, difficult conversations in a safe way.

What happens when things get stuck? When passionate and committed people talk it can be difficult, even heated. We help you stay in the dialogue, work positively with conflict, and reach agreements that enable action and cooperation to deliver results.

Strategy execution

Make complex multi-stakeholder strategy happen.

When your strategy seems difficult to bring to life, or you are not clear on how to get things done, we will enable you to effect a change by using a systemic and holistic approach to strategy execution.

Board development

Developing effective Board performance.

The Board is a vital part of the governance mechanism for your organisation. What happens when it is ineffective? We will develop and implement a Board development strategy to ensure your Board is fit for purpose and adding value.

“Organisations are communities of human beings, not collections of human resources”
Henry Mintzberg

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