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Mannaz recognised in Best Organizational Development Consultant Category

The Leadership Style of the Future is Hyper-Agile

Successful organisations and leaders must refine their situational leadership capabilities to cope with the world of today and tomorrow rather than relying on what made them successful in the past.

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Area of Expertice


We provide a full range of consulting services related to organisational development, leadership development, talent development and change management. By enabling people and facilitating change our clients become the driving force in shaping their own tomorrow.


Our business process outsourcing services encompass the entire leadership and talent development lifecycle from assessment and design to facilitation and impact assessment. We leverage our vast experience and domain expertise to provide specialized learning solutions that enable real achievement.


Mannaz is an international frontrunner in the field of competency development. We strengthen companies via the expansion of both individual and organisational skill sets in the areas of leadership and project management. Our visionary solutions have a strategic basis and achieve real results. Below, you can view some of our most popular courses, which are available in English.

Mannaz News

Mannaz’ Youth Advisory Board – Leaders of Tomorrow

Do you have what it takes to influence how leaders of tomorrow view leadership and organizational development? And do you want to gain valuable insight into the consulting and business world? Then you should apply to be part of Mannaz’ new Youth Advisory Board. Mannaz offers young talents a unique opportunity to network, gain experience.

Technology can be a competitive edge…

…but only if executives are equipped to unlock its full potential. New technologies will change every part of our businesses and make it possible to reach new heights – if we figure out how to leverage it in our context. To survive and thrive, top management levels must be knowledgeable about tech trends.

New partnership with Workz – an award-winning simulation game agency

Mannaz is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Workz, and will now be able to offer two of their award-winning leadership simulations to our international clients: Wallbreakers™: Change Leadership of teams. Bridgebuilders™: Global Leadership across cultures and distance. Workz is a Copenhagen-based change agency.


Effective project management can be measured at the bottom line

Does your company have a serious plan for project management? Is project management something the management team focuses on? Read more and learn how investing in project management can secure the future of your business. A project manager is not just a project manager. A competent project manager c…

Board work of the future – the recipe for success

Boards of directors are facing a paradigm shift, which will change board work and the requirements of you as a board member. Read below and learn how to keep up with the times and develop your board of directors now and in the future. Board work of the future – the recipe for success The future is k…

From a good to a great leader – a question of EQ?

Your own professional competences are often your ticket to management, but your ability to create results through understanding others is what takes you to another level. When you develop your leadership skills, it makes sense to look into how you can develop your EQ. Read on to learn more. How high…


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Every year we deliver over 700 programmes for more than 10,000 executives, managers, project leaders and high-potential professionals.


More than 10,000 executives, project leaders, managers, professionals, and high potentials are serviced each year.


We are truly global. We have offices in Copenhagen, Malmö, London and Hong Kong, and an associate network of more than 400 facilitators working in 40 countries worldwide.