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Become a Scrum Master

Become a successful Scrum Master

Scrum is a framework that helps teams and organisations achieve the best possible output from their efforts. Scrum is simple and effective, making it one of the most common and widely used agile methods for working with complex problems and projects.

The framework is simple to understand, but complicated to implement successfully if you do not have insight into the agile values and principles that lie behind it.

In this course, you learn the core of the agile mindset, and how the Scrum framework can support teams and organisations in their agile development.

The course prepares you for the official certification exam “Professional Scrum Master® I (PSM I)” from With a passed exam, you are a certified Professional Scrum Master® from


Programme structure and content

This course is held over 2 consecutive days.

During this course, you will be working on:

The well-functioning agile team

Intensive training in all events in Scrum: Planning, Daily Scrum, Review, and Retrospect

Typical issues in the implementation and application of Scrum

Facilitation and optimisation

How to create an overview, transparency, planning, and predictability


Course structure

Before the physical course, you will gain access to preparatory materials. This ensures that all participants have a similar starting point in terms of knowledge regarding the agile mindset. In that way, we ensure optimal learning for all.

We use ”Action Learning”, which consists of participatory approaches and varied teaching methods, where you experience an engaging and challenging method of learning through presentations as well as individual and group-based work.


Throughout the course, there will be cases, simulations, and training sessions that will put you as a participant in appropriate practice situations that affect your thinking, reflection, and action.

Through involvement, you will experience a dynamic and energetic teaching space where knowledge and experiences are applied as active resources in the process.

Feedback will be used to improve performance and create positive experiences to learn and find motivation to apply the new competencies in everyday life.

Through challenges in group exercises, we explore the practical implementation of the agile principles and the application of the elements in Scrum. All this is to create an understanding of how you can create an effective and high-performing Scrum team.

Participant Profile

The course is for everyone who wants to increase their agile insight and competencies and would like to achieve an internationally recognised certification of their skills.

Whether you work with management or development, this course provides you with a better starting point for working in an agile context.

The course is relevant for new Scrum Masters who want an improved understanding and a solid agile toolbox, but also for experienced Scrum Masters who seek inspiration and wish to sharpen their competencies.

It is not a requirement, but it is an advantage if you have prior knowledge of agile project management (e.g. from the courses in Agile Project management or IT project management 2)

Why take this course?

When you participate in this course, you will not only gain personal skills, but also skills that your company or organisation can greatly benefit from.

Your personal benefits

  • An understanding of agile methods and how they work

  • Intensive training and an understanding of the individual elements in Scrum and how they are applied

  • A practical approach to the typical issues and challenges when implementing and applying Scrum in your organisation

  • Knowledge of how to facilitate the development of a Scrum-team

  • Competencies in creating an overview and transparency for reporting

  • Knowledge of stakeholder involvement and alignment with management

  • Concrete tools and techniques that can be used in combination with Scrum

  • PSM® I certification from as evidence of your competencies

Benefits for your organisation

  • Teambuilding that provides independence and ownership

  • Teams that take responsibility for their development and at the same time maintain focus on the bigger picture

  • Employees who can help lift and improve others

  • Better communication, alignment, and involvement across teams and management levels

  • Insights on how to implement Scrum and adapt the framework to the organisation

  • Faster deliveries and increased value creation as well as better risk management and higher quality in deliveries

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Better retention and attraction of new talent

Preparation, exam and certification

The Professional Scrum Master® I (PSM® I) exam should be taken within 30 days of the last course day. The course includes 1 attempt for certification. You can acquire additional attempts at

Click below to read more about your preparation, exam and certification.

How to prepare for the exam

After the course, you will receive additional material that we recommend you use for your exam preparation.

Furthermore, you should review the official ”Professional Scrum Assessment” at and thoroughly follow up on all of your answers. You can take this assessment as many times as you find helpful.

We will forward a link for the test exam and a code that you will need to take your official Professional Scrum Master® I (PSM® I) exam at

About your exam

Online PSM® I exam
Your exam takes place online at You can choose which day and what time fits best in your calendar. The exam is in English and lasts one hour.

The exam is a Multiple Choice with 80 questions of which you must answer 68 questions correctly (85%). The course price includes one exam attempt.

If you pass your PSM® I exam, you will receive the internationally recognised certification “Professional Scrum Master® I (PSM® I)”.

Additionally, you will receive a PSM I logo, which you can use to identify your certification on LinkedIn, etc.

Do you have any questions?

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With an in-house programme, you can choose any course from our broad portfolio. We will conduct the course for your employees only – adapted to your specific needs, wishes, and business goals.

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Meet your facilitators

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding this programme.

What is a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master has thorough understanding of the agile values and principles. The Scrum Master ensures framework compliance is complied with and assists both the team and stakeholders with understanding how and why it is implemented.

Why is the Scrum Master important?

The Scrum Master is an important part of the team who constantly focuses on continuous improvement and optimisation. As a Scrum Master, you are both the facilitator and the coach – always with the main purpose of keeping the team on track in their agile development.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of the Scrum Master?

A Scrum Team works in short iterative cycles called sprints, and it is the Scrum Master’s responsibility to support the team’s development and ability to get optimal output from the process.

The Scrum Master should to a large extent ensure:

  1. That both flow and transparency are achieved
  2. That there is involvement and mutual understanding
  3. That obstacles and problems are addressed

The Scrum Master should also:

  1. Facilitate necessary processes and improvements
  2. Support and challenge the Scrum Team’s development and continuous improvement
  3. Coach and train the team in agile principles and values
  4. Keep the team motivated

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