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Now, more than ever, leaders need to create the conditions for others to succeed by being human, making it safe for colleagues to bring their best, and coaching them to reach their full potential. Collaboration, within teams and across organisational boundaries, is vital and we help make it happen.

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Collective leadership successfully addresses modern business challenges

Leaders face novel challenges in today’s fast-changing landscape. Cutting across industries some key hurdles include building organisational resilience, fostering collaboration among colleagues, often working remotely – and ensuring team members feel heard, included, and valued.

There is huge potential in strengthening cross-functional cooperation, communication, knowledge sharing, and individual support to motivate people, minimise burnout and ultimately create success. We help leaders and teams work together using an agile and empathetic approach to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.


Great companies rely on leaders who can relate

Great teams are successful in developing relationships that ensure team members feel motivated, included, and safe. Prioritising time to build trust, opening up communication, and building on differences is key to creating harmonious ways of working while adapting to challenges and delivering business results.

Collective leadership capabilities and effective teamwork skills help move “What do you want me to do?” to “What is our collective goal?”.

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Leadership 4 tips for successful self-management

Self-management has become the solution in answering the call for the empowerment, being demanded by employees and sought after by companies

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Leadership Resilience in Organisations: A Method of Travel – Not a Final Destination
Strategy & Organisation Organisational resilience – building capabilities to navigate in uncertain times

In Mannaz, we believe in building resilience based on openness, flexibility, and adaptability rather than armoring up. In this article we will explore some of our experiences with building that kind of resilience into organisations.

Leadership Systemic thinking – a solution to future organisational challenges

The future will call for something different to the fundamentals we have applied in the past. The systemic approach will drive progress in your organisation or company, even in an uncertain future where the unknown will permeate all working procedures.

Our services

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Leadership Development for specific talent groups

How to build an aligned and empowered organisation that gets things done.

Working with you to identify the development challenges that are relevant to your context, we build and implement bespoke solutions that enable leaders to make strategy happen and add value.

Collective leadership development

How to implement complex strategy challenges involving high levels of organisational interdependency.

Leaders seldom make stuff happen on their own. We work with you to build the collective leadership capabilities that leaders need to deliver results effectively across the matrix, navigating boundaries between countries, cultures, and ways of working.

Team development

Develop effective, high performing teams with clear goals, ways of working, and processes.

Equally happy to work with new team start-ups or diagnose dysfunctions in established teams, we build trust and create development processes that surface and resolve difficulties, creating an effective environment of support and challenge.

Self-managed teams

Innovate the way your organisation works to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Developed in partnership with Buurtzorg, these services will help you implement a self-managed team approach, following teal or holacracy principles.


Inner Development Goals (IDG)

IDG – Inner Development Goals as a framework tool for the development of future leadership skills.

Our inner skills such as presence, empathy, trust, and perspective taking, will influence how impactful our leadership is. Mannaz leverages the research-based Inner Development Goals framework to help organisations develop transformative skills in their leaders.

Read more about IDG.


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Sustainability is our commitment. We believe inclusion, diversity, psychological safety, and securing a sustainaben/consulting/leadership-development/le green future are key drivers for business operations that are financially sound and fit for the future.

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Mannaz is rated to be among the top 25 % sustainable businesses in our sector.

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