Developing Talents and Specialists

Motivated and talented leaders and specialists are at the heart of ensuring future competitiveness and success.


How to secure future success

Motivated and talented leaders and specialists are key to future competitiveness and success.
​The knowledge and expertise acquired today will be mostly obsolete within a few years due to ongoing, technical, societal and cultural changes. Organisations are changing rapidly in many sectors and so organisational culture, leadership, role expectations, and values are changing too. If anything, the pace of change is accelerating.

​For organisations to be competitive and successful in the future, they need to continuously attract and develop talented and motivated leaders, project managers, and specialists, and continuously build the competencies and culture needed for future growth.

Key challenges

  • Seeing talent development as a key tool for organisational development and a way to enable real achievement
  • Building competencies for the future and continuously ensuring good successor planning on all leadership levels
  • Implementing successful talent programmes that develop the individual and the organisation
  • Striking the balance between developing top talent and raising the average competency level of all leaders and specialists
  • Creating a high level of internal mobility to provide career opportunities inside the company.
“Talent development is never just about the individual. The rest of the organisation has to feel the difference and experience an inspiring outcome too to ensure organisational impact. ”
Source: Mannaz Talent Management Survey 2013

Talent Development

Unlock the potential of leaders and specialists to build an organisation for future success

​Developing talent is ultimately about bringing the organisation into the future. In Mannaz, we work together with the organisation and its leaders to uncover and develop potential. We co-design and co-deliver talent programmes fitted to your specific context to support the ongoing development of your business and the creation of an attractive working environment. We ensure impact in everyday operations by, for example, including direct managers in follow-up dialogue with each individual and using real-life cases as the basis for learning.

Impact and Effect

We design talent development for impact and we implement it together with the organisation to create long-term business value.

In Mannaz we enable and facilitate for impact. This means that everything we do aims at creating real improvements and long-term value. We integrate talent development as a part of organisational development to support organisations in tackling the resource and competence needs of tomorrow and to move the organisation forward.

Talent Development Services

  • Talent leadership – unlocking potential

  • Talent development as organisational development

  • Evaluation and assessment

  • Co-design and co-delivery of talent programmes

  • Masterclasses in high-level leadership

  • Coaching and career development

  • Internal career paths and mobility.

Impact of Talent Development

  • Increased employee motivation and satisfaction

  • Increased attraction and retention of the right profiles

  • Improved image and employer brand

  • More attractive internal career paths

  • Competent leaders – now and in the future

  • Increased cohesive energy

  • Faster generation of impact in role transitions

​​Mannaz’ Leadership Development is:

  • Co-designed and Customised to individual and organisational aspirations, needs, and expectations.
  • Stakeholder anchored: We believe that the buy-in and commitment from leaders and their stakeholders is required to achieve the highest impact.
  • Strategy-driven: We ensure that the effort is relevant, engaging, and impactful by anchoring the effort in the organisation’s strategic priorities.
  • Measurable: We measure the quality and impact of our efforts as an integrated part of the delivery to ensure long-term effects in practice.

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