Mannaz Project Management Programme

A practice-oriented and realistic project management education with the possibility of an IPMA® certification
4.6/5.0 satisfaction
78 ratings
Duration 12 days
Location København
Modules 5 modules
Language Danish & English
Fee 54.999 kr.71.695 kr. ex. VAT SAVE 23%
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14. aug 2024
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Project Management
Mannaz Project Management Programme

Tools for planning, leading and managing your projects

Mannaz Project Management Programme will provide you with a holistic understanding of project management and project leadership.

You will build a solid toolbox and acquire concrete tools for planning your projects, leading and managing your project group, and ensuring that your projects are completed successfully. At the same time, you will acquire an in-depth understanding of your leadership behaviour and thereby strengthen your leadership in the project.

By choosing Mannaz Project Management Programme, you are enrolling in a training programme with a practical focus.

This programme is also available in Danish.

Mannaz Project Management Programme is IPMA® Registrered in Denmark*

The programme is IPMA®-registered in Denmark, which means that Mannaz’s goals and content have been scored according to the Danish NCB “Project Management Competences” – and that Mannaz’s indication of participants’ options for developing competences have been verified by Dansk Projektledelse (Danish Project Management).

By completing the programme, you will acquire the skills described in the NCB (National Competence Baseline), that are required for IPMA® certification in Denmark. You can become IPMA-certified through Dansk Projektledelse.

Read more about IPMA

“It is an incredibly rewarding programme with time to reflect on the content. It is very practical-oriented, where the exercises are based on real work situations that I can easily relate to and apply immediately.”

Programme structure and content

The Project Management Programme consists of four courses and an exam after module 4. If you buy the entire programme as a complete package, you will only pay 54.999 kr. excl. VAT – a discount of approx. 23% compared to buying each module/course separately.


Project Management 1

Overview, content and method

You will gain a holistic understanding of project management and acquire basic tools (a management toolbox) for completing effective projects. We will touch on stakeholder analysis, goal setting, and planning.

You will learn to apply various methods and manage and ensure the progress of your projects so that you will be valued as a project manager. Read more about Project Management 1.


Project Management 2

Team management and project start-up

We will focus on good project start-ups, management of the group, and collaboration within the team. You will learn to engage and motivate your project participants from the beginning, thereby ensuring quality throughout the project management process.

During the course, you will complete one project start-up to serve as an inspiration for your future projects. Read more about Project Management 2.


Project Management 3

Execution, results and completion

You will acquire several leadership and project management tools to give you a better overview and basis for making decisions about your projects. During the course, we will focus on change management, results, and project completion.

The course will provide you with practical learning tools that you can apply back in your company. Read more about Project Management 3.


Project Management 4

You as a project manager

With a 360-degree measurement, you will gain a deeper insight into your leadership behaviour as a project manager. Based on this knowledge, you will nurture your potential and become an even better project manager.

During the course, you will develop your own dynamic and personal action plan, which will be directly applicable to your job. Read more about Project Management 4.


Project Management Exam

Document your knowledge of project management

Obtain a Mannaz certificate in project management and a documentation of your knowledge within project management.

Read more about our Project Management Exam.


Practical information about this programme

We recommend that you take the four courses in consecutive order as a coherent programme. However, you can also take each course separately if you have a very specific need. This gives you the best chance of fitting your programme into your busy everyday life. Please note, however, that Project Management 1 or similar knowledge is a prerequisite for participating in the other courses.

The courses are based on active involvement and training concerning the reality that you and your company find yourselves in. The facilitation is a mix of case stories, plenary and group work, theory, exercises, and assignments that all contain knowledge that is directly applicable to your work.

Project Management Programme in English

Mannaz Project Management Programme in English

What's included in the price?

  • 12 days of training over 4 modules
  • 1 final project management exam (online)
  • E-learning modules as preparation before each module
  • DiSC profile
  • Project Leadership Profile (PLP) – a 360⁰ survey measuring your project management behaviour
  • Individual feedback on your PLP report
  • Breakfast, snacks, lunch, coffee, cake and tea
  • Course materials available on our digital learning platform
  • Course certificate

*All modules/courses need to be ordered as a complete package. If you cancel one or more courses in the package, you will be invoiced the full price for the courses you have attended.

Who will benefit from Mannaz's Project Management Programme?

The Project Management Programme is for anyone who works or is about to work on projects.

You are the leading figure in the project, and you will be managing the project and ensuring its success. Even if you have worked on projects for several years, you can learn a lot from the training programme.

Mannaz Project Management Programme is built around The International Competence Baseline, which is a requirement for being able to take an IPMA® certification through Dansk Projektledelse (Danish Project Management).

Why take the Project Management Programme

There are many good reasons for taking Mannaz Project Management training. You learn the basic principles and tools that are necessary to be able to manage and implement projects effectively and successfully.

You also get the opportunity to work and develop your management skills, gain valuable insight and perspectives, and learn to work with other people in a project-based context.

Your personal benefits

  • Gaining a holistic understanding of the basic methods and effective tools for project work

  • Learning how to handle the project group, develop a team, and plan a project

  • Learning how to navigate during changing conditions with a focus on progress, creating results, and completing the project

  • Focusing your attention on your leadership behaviour as a project manager, uncovering your development potential, and practising your repertoire of leadership styles

  • Documenting your broad and practical knowledge of project management

Benefits for your organisation

  • A professional project manager who can manage and organise the project team effectively and work with the project in a structured way

  • A goal-oriented project manager who can manage and ensure well-conducted projects internally and externally with the desired results

  • A qualified sparring partner for the Management and other stakeholders

  • A competent project manager who can disseminate project management as a discipline within the organisation

Do you have any questions?

Not sure if Mannaz Project Management Programme is right for you?

Let me give you a call for personal sparring.

Lotte Foged
Commercial & Product Manager
+45 4517 6235

Have this programme in-house

With an in-house programme, you can choose any course or programme from our broad portfolio. We will conduct the programme for your employees only – adapted to your specific needs, wishes and business goals.

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Relation Manager
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Meet your facilitators

On Mannaz Project Management Programme, you will meet competent and experienced facilitators with lots of practical experience in managing projects and programmes.

Client Director
Vice President, Projects & Programmes
Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
Associated Consultant
Associated Consultant
Associated Consultant
Associated Consultant
Associated Consultant
Associated Consultant

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