Informal Leadership

Leading peoble without formal authority
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Duration 3 days
Location København
Modules 2 modules
Language English
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10. sep - 4. oct 2024
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Leadership Development
Informal Leadership

Rise to the challenge

One of the greatest challenges facing modern leaders is how to make people do what you want them to do when you don’t have formal responsibility or authority over them. This programme will show you the essential elements to succeed when you have a high level of responsibility for project performance or cross organisational collaboration but are not positioned in a role of formal power or influence in the organisation.

By participating in this programme Informal Leadership, you will gain greater understanding of the complexity in which an informal leader is navigating, you will acquire tools and techniques that can help you succeed in leading people without the use or “privilege” of formal authority in your role.

This course is also available in Danish

The programme

The course takes place over 3 intensive training days, two consecutive days and then another day about 3 weeks later.  The training centres on your own experiences and reflections and how these relate to the theory.

During the programme you will, among other things, work with:

Work on your own role and behaviour as an informal leader

Learn how to create followship as a leader without formal authority

Develop capability to influence across the organisation

Learn how to communicate with impact

Build capability and confidence in difficult conversations


Course structure and preparation

The training centres on your own experiences and reflections and how these relate to the theory. You will have ongoing opportunities for personal development, as throughout the course you will receive feedback and sparring from both your fellow course participants and the facilitator.

A follow-up day after the course allows you to reflect on your practices and approaches, exchange experiences with fellow course participants, and build upon the tools you have gained. This is to help ensure that your new competencies are both practically useful and sustainable in your role.

Participant profile

This course is relevant to anyone who has responsibilities across the organisation, while lacking formal management authority over the people who work ‘for’ them. This could include project managers, project staff, product managers, marketing managers, organisational consultants, and HR consultants.

Although this can be taken as stand stand-alone course, it works well in combination with Communication with Stakeholders, Change Management, and Business Value Creation.

Why take part in the programme?

When you participate in this course, you not only acquire personal competencies but also skills that can greatly benefit your company or organisation.

Benefits for you

  • Insight into the essentials needed to succeed as an informal leader

  • Tools to help you function better as a leader without formal authority

  • Insight and training in communication competencies

  • The ability to gain greater influence across the organisation

  • Informally lead people with impact

Benefits for your company

  • An informal leader with greater impact and the will to influence others

  • Commitment to lead self and others without formal responsibility

  • Ability to communicate clearly and constructively with key stakeholders

  • Optimised interdisciplinary collaboration across projects and teams


If you have any enquiries or questions, please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you with answers.

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Commercial & Product Manager
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