Introduction to leadership

Introduction to Leadership

Get ready for your role as a leader
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Duration 3 days
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Leadership Development
Introduction to Leadership

Getting started as a new leader

Practice your leadership skills in a safe environment with the Introduction to Leadership course. You can get answers to some of the basic questions about being a new leader.

  • How do you get a good start?
  • What tools do you need?
  • What are your strengths as a leader?
  • How do you receive and give feedback?
  • How do you understand your own and others’ response patterns better?
  • How can you deal with the specific leadership challenges you face?

Introduction to Leadership will introduce you to the basic theory and tools, as well as insights into the challenges you can expect in your new role as a leader.

This course is also available in Danish

The programme

This course in introduction to leadership is held over 3 consecutive days.

During the programme you will, among other things, work with:

Your personal qualifications and expectations in relation to the leadership role

Constructive and forward-looking peer feedback from coaches and other participants

Theory connected directly to practical training

Case exercises using your own examples based on your specific challenges

Basic theory in relation to the leadership role

Identification of your strengths and your areas of development, so that you know what to focus on for your development.


Course structure and preparation

In your leadership role, you must meet professional goals, while also achieving personal goals for yourself and your employees. As a leader, you’ll face new and challenging situations every day. This course will give you practice in dealing with situations that may arise in this new role.

The leadership role differs from organisation to organisation. However a feature common to most leaders is they need people to create results. So it’s important to work on relationships between people. During this course, you will work on your own and other people’s reaction patterns.

Besides the practical approach through training, you will also gain a theoretical foundation. Much of the theory will be gained through case training, where theory will be linked directly to the practical training.

Feedback from instructors and other participants is an important part of the course. Since all participants are new to the leadership role or interested in the basic skills of leadership, the feedback and exchange of experience during the course will come from peers and will be constructive and forward-looking.

Participant profile

This course is for you if you’re moving onto your first leadership position, or if you’ve worked as a leader for a maximum of 6 months.

Your new leadership role is a leap in your career that offers many new and exciting challenges – academic, personal, and managerial. But it places demands on your capabilities. So you want to prepare yourself for the responsibilities and requirements that the leadership role entails.

The course is also relevant if you’re not yet in a leadership role, but would like to clarify whether this move is right for you.

Why take this course?

When you participate in this course, you not only acquire personal competencies but also skills that can greatly benefit your company or organisation.

Benefits for you

  • Thorough personal and professional preparation for your new role as a leader

  • Training in practical leadership in a safe environment

  • Increased knowledge of basic theory about the leadership role

  • Feedback and experience sharing, which prepares you for the leadership role

  • Identifying your strengths and your areas of development

Benefits for your company

  • A leader who quickly fills their new role

  • A leader with the fundamental leadership competencies

  • A leader with insight into the patterns of response and relationships between people

  • A leader with greater insight and understanding of the professional and personal challenges that are associated with being new to the leadership role


If you have any enquiries or questions, please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you with answers.

René Fabricius Weichel
Commercial & Product Manager
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