Project Management 1

Overview, content and method. Additional IPMA® certification is possible
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Duration 3 days
Location København
Modules 1 module
Language English
Fee 16.999 kr. ex. VAT
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14. aug - 16. aug 2024
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Project Management
Project Management 1

Be prepared for project management

Get an introduction to the fundamental tools of project management.

Project Management 1 provides you with a holistic understanding of the core methods and tools for project work.

You will learn to master stakeholder analysis, goal formulation, and project planning.

Why choose Project Management 1?

Mannaz Project Management Programme is IPMA® Registrered in Denmark*
The programme is IPMA®-registered in Denmark, which means that Mannaz’s goals and content have been scored according to the Danish NCB “Project Management Competences” – and that Mannaz’s indication of participants’ options for developing competencies has been verified by Dansk Projektledelse (Danish Project Management).

By completing the programme, you will acquire the skills described in the NCB (National Competence Baseline), that are required for IPMA® certification in Denmark. You can become IPMA-certified through Dansk Projektledelse.

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IPMA mannaz
“I really enjoyed the training. It gave me a lot of clarity on the role of a project manager and what tools to use. ”
Laura Hoving, Technical service manager Poultry EMEA, Chr. Hansen A/S

Programme structure and content

This course is held over 3 consecutive days.

During this course, you will be working on:

Understanding the working method of the project

Applying methods for managing and ensuring progress

Working with the project triangle (time, resources, content)

Developing stakeholder analysis

Applying the project toolbox

Understanding the business case on projects

Formulating objective(s)

Organising and planning your work


Course structure and preparation

The course deals with topics that are relevant to all types of projects. These could be in-house, tasks associated with collaboration with customers and other external stakeholders.

The course combines practice and theory, and you’ll be working on typical situations in a project process based on a general business case.

Facilitation is a mix of preparatory digital learning modules as well as plenary and group work.

The preparation consists of:

  • Pre-test
  • DiSC profile (personal assessment tool)
  • 9 digital learning modules

You’ll need to complete the pre-test first before the course starts. This will give you an indication of how much you already know about the topics covered in the course. The instructor can also use the pre-test results to plan their teaching for your specific team and the needs of individual participants.

You must also fill out a DiSC profile and then complete the 9 e-learning modules. Links will be provided.

You should allow between ½ day and 1 day to carry out the course preparation.

What's included in the price?

  • 3 course days
  • All meals
  • DiSC Profile (personal assessment tool)
  • Pre-test for digital learning
  • Digital learning modules
  • Course materials
  • Course certificate

Get a 23% discount when purchasing the entire programme

The course is a part of Mannaz’s Project Management Programme. If you purchase the entire programme (4 modules and the exam) at once, you will get the programme for 54,999 DKK ex. VAT*. You save approximately 23% compared to purchasing each module/course individually.
*The courses must be purchased together. If you cancel one of the courses, you will be charged full price for the course that you do participate in.

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Participant Profile

Project managers or upcoming project managers who want to get an overview of a project, its content, and method.

Perhaps you’re about to start a specific project or face cross-disciplinary problems related to change within the organisation and its products/services. Even though you’ve worked with projects for a few years, there’s still a lot to learn from this course.

Project Management 1 is directed at all industries, professional groups, and organisations.

Why take this course?

When you participate in this course, you will not only gain personal skills, but also skills that your company or organisation can greatly benefit from.

Your personal benefits

  • Fundamental methods and tools

  • Utilise participants’ strengths, resulting in good collaboration

  • Understand and be aware of your role as a project manager or project participant

  • Understand management processes

  • Collaborate with stakeholders

Benefits for your organisation

  • Competent project management internally and externally

  • Better organisation of project teams

  • Project managers with insight into the necessary tools of project management

  • Stronger sparring for stakeholders and management

Do you have any questions?

Not sure if this course is right for you?

Let me give you a call for personal sparring.

Lotte Foged
Commercial & Product Manager
+45 4517 6235

Have this course as an internal programme

With an in-house programme, you can choose any course from our broad portfolio. We will conduct the course for your employees only – adapted to your specific needs, wishes, and business goals.

Mariann Illum Vendler
Relation Manager
+45 4517 6189

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Associated Consultant

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