Situational Leadership

Learn to adapt your leadership style to the situation
Duration 2 days
Location København
Modules 1 module
Language Danish
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Leadership Development
Situational Leadership

Create a targeted leadership style based on the situation

In this course, you will learn to use situational leadership to motivate your employees based on their specific needs and circumstances. With this approach to leadership, you are aware that there is not a universal way to lead everyone, but that a leader must adapt their leadership style to achieve the best results.

You will work with the four fields of leadership, where you will learn to master the Telling style, and in addition also the Selling, Participating, and Delegating styles. These styles are used depending on the employee’s skills and maturity in relation to the specific task or situation.

As a situationally aware leader, you understand that the best results are not achieved by the employees adapting to the leader, but by the leader adapting to the situation.

Learn to use the Situational Leadership tool and become aware of which style motivates your employees in relation to the tasks they have to solve.

The programme

This course in Situational leadership is held over 2 consecutive days.

During the programme you will, among other things, work with:

Your personal development in the role of leader

Your own leadership style and how you develop it to increase your impact

How different leadership styles are applied in relation to different employees and their need for leadership

How you use the coaching leadership style to increase personal ownership among employees

How you create concrete and usable development plans in collaboration with your employees


Course structure and preparation

The course consists of 2 consecutive days. In connection with the course, a leadership style analysis (LEAD/LETA) will be carried out, which helps you to see your own preferred leadership style and understand the potential in developing other styles. Participants will, based on models and theory, work on analyzing employees and identifying their development needs.

In the course ‘Situational Leadership’, you get a tool that involves the employee and creates the basis for a strong and development-oriented partnership between you and your employees. It is very important that you understand the employees’ abilities, their psychological maturity, but also the engagement and competencies.

It is a practical and applicable course, and the teaching alternates between theoretical presentations, exercises, and dialogues in small groups. Exercises and theory are intertwined in a way so that participants can incorporate their own experiences into the individual exercises and activities.


Participant profile

The course is aimed at managers, team leaders, new leaders and future leaders who want to develop their personal leadership. You need to delve into how you as a leader can decode your employees’ motivation and engagement in the work.

Certified Global Partner

Mannaz is one of the few companies in Denmark that is allowed to teach Situational Leadership®. This guarantees our course participants the best and most updated teaching in Situational Leadership®.

Why take this course?

When you participate in this course, you not only acquire personal competencies but also skills that can greatly benefit your company or organisation.

Benefits for you

  • Insight into your own leadership styles and your personal preferences

  • Knowledge about how you decode your employees’ need for leadership

  • Concrete tools to choose the most appropriate leadership style that matches the situation and employee

  • Knowledge about how you communicate with different types of employees

  • Methods to set motivating goals together with your employees

  • Understanding of the psychology behind how you gain influence

  • A concrete toolbox that you can transfer directly to your everyday life as a leader

Benefits for your company

  • A leader who understands himself and her/his opportunities to exercise leadership

  • A leader who can use different leadership styles flexibly and adapted to the individual employee’s needs

  • A leader who creates value in development talks and in the meeting with the individual employee

  • A leader who is able to influence and increase influence on their employees

  • A leader who in a concrete way contributes to developing their employees and create value for the company


If you have any enquiries or questions, please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you with answers.

René Fabricius Weichel
Commercial & Product Manager
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With an in-house programme, you select a course from our extensive portfolio. To some degree, the programme can be designed for your employees and targeted to your specific needs, preferences, and business goals.

If you are 6 or more people, who are interested, we can deliver the courses at your company. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

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Meet your facilitators

Mannaz is one of the few companies in Denmark that is allowed to teach Situational Leadership®. This guarantees our course participants the best and most updated teaching in Situational Leadership®.

Head of Digital Learning and Leadership

Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to some of the questions we often get in connection with this course

What is situational leadership?

Situational leadership is a theory created by psychologists Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard. The theory was developed based on the main argument that there is not just one leadership style and therefore not a correct way to lead. Situational leadership has become an important leadership tool, which gives the leader 4 different leadership styles to base on when they are to lead a successful organization and workplace.

Instead, the situational leadership theory proposes that it is the situation that determines how you should lead – and which of the 4 different leadership styles you as a leader should use. Here we are talking about the task itself, but also the specific employee. Therefore, it is not to the same extent a certain leadership style that determines, but the situation itself.

You can read much more about the importance of situational leadership here and become much wiser about the form of leadership.

What are the advantages of situational leadership?

When you have received the right tools to reap the full benefits of situational leadership, you are better equipped to create the framework for a better work culture and employee well-being – and can to a greater extent increase employee motivation and engagement. In the end, this can lead to your team achieving better results and more efficiency in the organization.

You will gain a much better understanding of your employees – and this is a great advantage of situational leadership when you want to make all employees good. This also increases the retention of the employee, because you will always ensure that the employee’s needs match the development they have in the job

Why is it important to be able to master situational leadership?

Situational leadership® is more relevant than ever – and is a very effective method when you need a flexible and agile tool to handle and lead in a dynamic everyday life and a dynamic workplace. It is also important that you as a leader are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, so you are also ahead of how you should influence your own leadership in different situations


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