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Investments in leaders’ development is one key to succeed in a changing environment

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The case in short:

The challenge

  • A challenging business climate in key customer markets.
  • A need to increase the pace and scope of changes.

The solution

  • Co-created a 5 modular initiative to help leaders enhance their personal purpose as a leader and increase their ability to inspire and engage people in change.
  • The programme included time for every leader to work on real-time leadership and change challenges through combined wisdom.

The results

  • Leadership behaviours needed to meet new and more complex business challenges.
  • Increased ability to lead and deliver changes.
  • Leading to stronger more pro-active and self-driven leaders.
“The programme provided time, many leaders don’t carve out of their daily lives, to explore and find solutions to personal leadership and organisational change challenges.”

The challenge

DRIVE – Mastering personal and change leadership
Alfa Laval knew that a key to future success was enhancing their leaders’ leadership capabilities to meet the challenges of the future.

The solution

The Solution: DRIVE – Mastering personal and change leadership
Inspirational leadership starts from within – boosting resilience and strengthening a sense of personal purpose that can withstand the pressures of accelerated change.

The Alfa Laval-Mannaz design team worked together with the Group Management Directors to create the 5 modular DRIVE programme to ensure they met the needs of both individual leaders and the business. Alfa Laval’s top leaders from around the world, came together in person and virtually to address real-time leadership and change challenges. The majority of their work was in small groups, maximising individual focus and at the same time, networking and knowledge sharing across the business.

Challenge groups and DRIVE buddies formed during the programme, continue to work together beyond the original modules.
We knew close collaboration was crucial. After all, with 80 years of success to its name, Alfa Laval knows its business better than anyone. We fused its internal knowledge with our own expertise to set up a Project Management Academy (PMA), offering blended learning methods to completely redesign Alfa Laval’s approach to training.

By combining both our strengths we were able to ensure senior project managers from Alfa Laval were present in practical learning sessions to inject their own culture and practices into training and maintain credibility with participants.

We also co-created a series of Key Performance Indicators to measure the PMA’s impact and effectiveness and allow us to continually adapt and develop the programme.


The Impact: Inspiring & engaging for sustainable change
Participating leaders stated that the programme has increased their capabilities in motivating and engaging people – gaining buy-in and creating a sense of urgency in resolving critical issues. The programme provided time, many leaders don’t carve out of their daily lives, to explore and find solutions to personal leadership and organisational change challenges, which were then implemented with improved clarity of direction, sharper messages, and increased focus in contributing to strategy execution. Leaders find they are better able to manage their own and others’ reactions to changes.

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