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In Mannaz we understand the complexity of project based tasks and organisations. We help ensure project portfolios are handled effectively and develop competencies within project and programme management that meet the demands and needs of the future.

Our approach to programme and project management is to focus on helping our customers create results and facilitate long lasting solutions. We create tailor made solutions, relevant to the specific context. We do this through professionalising project governance, handling project portfolios, executing complex programmes, managing effective projects and developing effective teams.

We believe that organisations achieve a crucial competitive advantage by focusing on developing and acknowledging project management as an organisational competence. We have an innovative business approach that makes us able to strengthen organisations and their project leaders by developing the competencies required to meet the challenges of today and of the future.

Signature Services

Project management development

In organisations where projects become the primary form of organizing, the quality of project management becomes crucial for success. We develop project management as a key competence on both an individual and organisational level. We do this through assessments, training and organisational development

Portfolio management

Close coordination between strategic projects is crucial. We help organisations identify and address challenges in portfolio management and with implementing the appropriate governance model. At the same time we support the development of organisational capacity and culture required to create value

Agile project management

Both the number of projects and their complexity is increasing; agile project management focuses on creating and sustaining high-performance and innovation. We help organisations assess their agile readiness and to develop and integrate an agile mind-set

Co-piloting and coaching

In Mannaz we co-pilot with, and coach, project and programme managers to enable them to succeed in their role, reach the desired goals and learn throughout the process. Ensuring they are ready to take on the task alone at a later time.

We help project and programme managers whilst work on the project, equipping them with the required tools and competencies along the way. It is the most effective learning programme there is – obtaining and implementing insights real time while driving the project towards its goals in a more efficient and effective way

PMO mobilisation

With an increasing amount of strategically important projects, many organisations choose to create a central Project Management Office (PMO) to handle the complexity and increase the impact of the projects. At Mannaz we help organisations to mobilise a PMO that matches the maturity level of the organisation and effectively increase the quality, knowledge sharing and value creation of the project portfolio.

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