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Project Management Development


We are progressing project management as a central and well-developed core competency in the organization.


Read below and get ideas on how you can develop your project management.


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Create Success with Tailored Project Management Development

In a world marked by dynamism and change, effective project management is key to success. At Mannaz, we understand the importance of having skilled and well-trained project managers in charge. That’s why we offer tailored development programmes in project management, enhancing your employees’ abilities and ensuring greater success with your projects.

Our goal is to equip your project managers with the necessary tools and skills to navigate complex project environments. Our programmes are designed to be both comprehensive and flexible, fitting your company’s unique needs. We employ leading, research-based methods and frameworks, including IPMA, PMI, Prince2, agile methods, and more.

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Typical Programme Design

We begin with a fundamental screening of your company, its strategic goals, and the types of projects you typically undertake now and in the future.

Next, we discuss your specific challenges in project work and the daily obstacles you have. We focus on what your project managers and project team members need, in order to suceed in the future. In other words, what effects do you want to gain from the course?

Mannaz will then propose a solution in the form of a programme, which we will review and adjust together. Often, the HR department in your organisation will be involved to some extent, for instance, if a personality test is to be selected (DiSC, MBTI, Insights, etc.).

The training itself features the latest theory, combined with examples and discussions. Typically, we usually encourage participants to apply project management tools to a practical case. This could be on existing projects you have or a case we create together. Thus, participants achieve the greatest practical learning, and bring relevant discussions and experiences back to the organisation.

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Typical Outcomes from a Tailored Programme

Mannaz has delivered qualified and specific project manager training and development to thousands of companies, both large and small.

Examples of outcomes among our clients include:

A common language and ability to communicate important messages in their projects

A shared approach to methods and analyses, so that all project managers work by the same principles

Aligned roles and responsibilities across the organisation

A common structure and approach to projects, ensuring project managers follow the same approach through various phases

A professional project organisation where all stakeholders gain clarity on the purpose and benefits of the projects


If you want to develop a customized program for your company or organization but don’t know how, Mannaz can help you.

Contact Peter and find out how to proceed with a tailored project management development programme.

Peter Stensig
Senior Consultant

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