Daniel Ladefoged Jensen

Daniel Ladefoged Jensen

+45 30905754

Daniel is primarily a consultant within Project management & Agile practices.


Daniel is the name, living in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, Denmark. With a strong professional background in psychology and communication and a passion for problem-solving. I started my journey in Mannaz as an intern in 2021 and are now – besides my role as a consultant – Talent Community Lead, striving to create a nourishing fundament for our new commers in Mannaz and in our Talent Community.

Professionally I have an analytic and strategic way of thinking and strive to identifying opportunities for growth and improvement. My expertise lies in providing valuable insights and recommendations to my clients, helping them navigate complex challenges and achieve their goals. I have established myself as a trusted advisor within the field of project management, communication, team- and psychodynamics.

Beyond my professional achievements, I embrace the Danish way of life with its emphasis on life-work balance and quality of living. Living in Copenhagen makes the architecture, food, the rich cultural scene, and renowned Danish concept of “hygge” a lovely cocktail that promotes and embraces the coziness of well-being.

Areas of competence
  • Communication
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • project management
  • Psychodynamics
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“I work with a people-centered approach working with leadership to promote collaboration, innovation, and creativity, as it encourages diverse perspectives and empowers individuals to contribute with their unique skills.”
Daniel Ladefoged Jensen
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