Lydie Lambert

Lydie Lambert

Senior Consultant


Lydie is primarily a consultant within Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Project management & Agile practices.


I am a change- and project manager. I have been responsible for consulting, strategy development, and implementation in many different types of projects, such as IT, commercial property development, organisational development, HR, DEI, academia, and the financial industry.

For me, it is especially important that employees and managers in organisations can unfold their full professional potential while at work. Therefore, I use my specialised knowledge in diversity and inclusion to integrate new processes and structures that support exactly that. I facilitate in a safe and professional environment where new solutions are created, but at the same time, we recognise what already works well.

My focus is on development in corporate culture and leadership. To do that, I help bring different perspectives together to create unique, pragmatic and systemic changes that optimise performance and well-being within the organisation. This can only happen when there are practical and realistic processes that are understandable and easy to use.

“Most likely, there are more opportunities than there are challenges. But both provide learning and both are exciting. I meet people and organisations where there are right now to find the best solutions together with them and help them realise the initiatives they invest in.”
Lydie Lambert
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