Programme Management

Programme Management

In a complex and accelerating world, we cannot afford to waste time and resources on low maturity in project management.

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Project Management in a Complex and Accelerating World.

​Several trends are converging to motivate companies to adopt centralised Project Management Offices (PMOs) as a way of managing their strategic initiatives. The increasing pace and demand for innovation have caused the number and complexity of projects to soar, often with little addition of staff.

​Increasingly, organisational initiatives involve the wider collaboration of process and technology, which increases the complexity and interdependencies within projects. All of these factors lead to a complex management environment that cries for centralised management.

​Key Challenges

  • Breaking a trend of failed projects in terms of time, budget, and/or problems meeting project objectives
  • Creating visibility into project performance and resources across projects
  • Effectively planning limited resources and capacity
  • Creating and maintaining a consistent project delivery methodology and establishing shared project management competencies
  • Matching the project management maturity with the adequate PMO setup.
  • Anchoring Project Management firmly in the organisation
“38% more projects meet their original goals and business intent at organisations with an enterprise-wide PMO highly aligned with organisational strategy. ”
Source: PMI Pulse of prof. 2017


In Mannaz we enable organisations to realise the benefits and strategic anchoring of their projects. We work with both existing and future governance structures and often with a maturity assessment as the starting point to point out the most important development areas. Based on this, we identify the needed activities together with your leaders. In most cases, we see a need for a combined effort focusing on establishing a strategically anchored PMO as well as working with supporting the everyday operational project management.

​PMO Mobilisation Services

  • Maturity assessments
  • Design and setup of tailored PMO and governance
  • Co-design and implementation of shared methodologies; project model, project management methods, benefit realisation etc.
  • Building project management competencies
  • Evaluation of PMO performance and value
  • Ensuring ongoing value creation from existing PMOs.
“PMO is not a compliance function. It is a function to increase project maturity and value creation.”


We design for impact and implement together with the organisation to create long-term benefit realisation.

​In Mannaz we enable and facilitate for impact. This means that everything we do aims to create real improvements and long-term value. We integrate leadership and organisational development and the appropriate governance model with the tools and competencies needed to ensure success with mobilising PMOs.

Impact of PMO Mobilisation

  • Increased realisation of desired benefits from projects

  • Increased value creation and consistency in project quality

  • Closer link between projects and strategy

  • Increased transparency of value creation

  • Effective resource management

  • Increased project management competencies

​Mannaz’ PMO Mobilisation is

  • Co-designed and Customised to individual and organisational aspirations, needs, and expectations.

  • Stakeholder anchored: We believe that the buy-in and commitment from leaders and their stakeholders is required to achieve the highest impact.

  • Strategy-driven: We ensure that the effort is relevant, engaging, and impactful by anchoring the effort in the organisation’s strategic priorities.

  • Measurable: We measure the quality and impact of our effort as an integrated part of every project to ensure long-term effect.

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