Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

In an ever-changing business environment, we need full value from our strategic projects to stay competitive

Stay competitive

In an ever-changing business environment we need full value from our strategic projects to stay competitive

​In an environment of increasing speed and competition in a globalised market, organisations cannot afford not to reap the full value of their projects. Many companies experience too little value creation from initiated projects. Investment and realised benefits do not match. Either because they have not invested in the right projects or because the investment is eroded by fragmented efforts and management. Either way, it puts pressure on both economic and human resources.

​Key challenges

  • Ensuring that the organisation initiates the right projects to execute its strategy
  • Ensuring that the projects deliver on their business cases and create transparency on value creation, that is, securing a high benefits realisation maturity
  • Increasing the ability to do long-term planning and prioritisation
  • Balancing risk and benefit
  • Ensuring that available resources are put to use in the best way possible
  • Ensuring a good working climate and a high degree of motivation among leaders and employees.
“1/3 of organisations report high benefits realisation maturity. At high benefits realisation maturity organisations, 33% more projects meet their goals, 43% more projects stay within budget and 58% more projects complete on time.”
Source: PMI Pulse of prof. 2017


Bring tools, governance, competencies, and culture together to succeed in portfolio management

​In Mannaz, we enable organisations to realise the benefits and strategic anchoring of their projects. We work with both existing and future governance structures and often with a maturity assessment as the starting point.

​It is core to uncover the reasons behind why the projects do not deliver the desired benefits and point out the most important development areas. Based on this, we identify the needed development activities together with your leaders. In most cases, we see a need for a combined effort focusing on strategic portfolio management as well as the everyday operational practice in the projects

​Portfolio Management Services

  • Design and implementation of a governance model which creates the needed structures to support value creation and realisation of business goals
  • Maturity assessments and gap analysis
  • Portfolio management tools and PMO mobilisation
  • Project classification
  • Design and implementation of project model
  • Project management tools
  • Competency development
  • Implementation and anchoring.

​Mannaz’ Portfolio Management Services

  • Co-designed and Customised to individual and organisational aspirations, needs, and expectations.
  • Stakeholder anchored: We believe that the buy-in and commitment from leaders and their stakeholders is required to achieve the highest impact.
  • Strategy-driven: We ensure that the effort is relevant, engaging, and impactful by anchoring the effort in the organisation’s strategic priorities.
  • Measurable: We measure the quality and impact of our effort as an integrated part of every project to ensure long-term effect.

Impact and implementing

We design for impact and implement together with the organisation to create long-term benefit realisation.

​In Mannaz, we enable and facilitate impact. This means that everything we do aims to create real improvements and long-term value. We integrate leadership and organisational development and the appropriate governance model with the tools and competencies needed to ensure success with strategic projects.


Impact of improved portfolio management

  • Increased realisation of desired benefits from projects
  • Closer link between projects and strategy
  • Increased transparency of value creation
  • Effective resource management
  • Increased project management competencies
  • Motivated project managers and employees


Case study Rambøll

Rambøll is a leading engineering, design, and consultancy company with a great emphasis on project management. Rambøll was founded in Denmark in 1945 and now has a global presence.

Case study COWI

COWI, a leading consulting group, focuses on engineering and environmental sciences. With 17,000+ on-going projects worldwide, successful project management is critical to performance.

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