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When transformation is critical, agility and project management are essential. Enable your organisation to execute successful projects that align with strategic goals. We upskill in-house project management capabilities, train teams, and advise executive leaders on how to put the right setup into play.

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Project Management
Project Management  & Agile Practices
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How project management can support sustainable growth

For business and public organisations, internal project management skills are the cornerstone of success. Whether the end-user is a citizen, a customer, a department, or a board – recognising the critical role of project management in today’s fast-paced business and public sector environments is paramount.

While sustainable projects create value in the organisation, the potential risks of neglecting in-house capabilities are not to be overlooked. From cost overruns to reduced quality or team burnout, poorly managed projects really impact the bottom line negatively. Ultimately, organisations consistently fail to deliver on their commitments due to poor project management and may lose market share to competitors.


Lead your projects successfully

Enable your organisation to execute successful projects in alignment with strategic goals

Mannaz’s project management programme is among the most popular and well-rated in Denmark. Every year we help a community of thousands of team leaders and specialists develop their project management toolkit enabling them to step up and drive forward critical projects that deliver on business goals.

Ensuring that projects are executed efficiently, on time, and within budget is pivotal for a successful project. It’s about creating a viable, well-structured framework that enables you to streamline processes, reduce bottlenecks, and foster a culture of continuous improvement in the project team. Commitment and motivation are essential.

Ultimately the successful project manager will ensure that stakeholders are kept informed, quality standards are met, costs are kept within budget, and products delivered on time.

Are your competitors more efficient than you?

project management
Project management insights
Project management & Agile practices How to succeed with your project.

The complexity of projects is increasing, and it requires better preparation, more precise communication, and support from management. That’s easier said than done. Therefore, we asked Vice President Henrik Bjerregaard Nielsen to delve into Mannaz’s Project Manager Survey and provide his insights on dos and don’ts.

Project management & Agile practices Effective project management can be measured on the bottom line

Does your company have a serious plan for project management? Is project management something the management team focuses on? Read more and learn how investing in project management can secure the future of your business.

Fallstudie COWI

COWI, a leading consulting group, focuses on engineering and environmental sciences. With 17,000+ on-going projects worldwide, successful project management is critical to performance.

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Project management development

We develop project management as a central and well-established core competency within the organisation.

Most organisations are dependent on competent project management and skilled project managers. At Mannaz we believe that this is reached most efficiently by strengthening project managers through assessments, competency development, and with an organisational focus. In our training, we well-known, effective, and appreciated methodologies as well as organisations such as IPMA, PMI, and PRINCE2®.

Agile project management and coaching

We help organisations in their efforts to assess agile readiness and provide tools to ensure continuous development.

Recent research shows that close to 70% of all Danish organisations (public and private) use agile methods. At Mannaz we support organisations within this framework and respect existing working processes. We also help with integrating and developing an agile mindset.

Development of a project model

We help your organisation establish a ‘best fit’ project model. An example of a model could be to create an accessible overview and rank projects based on their importance.

A project model is a map that shows the project manager and stakeholders how to run the project. This provides the opportunity for learning, knowledge sharing, and a well-prepared collaboration with different stakeholders. It also helps to support the aim of completing the project within a scheduled time and budget.

Are you curious to hear more?
Contact Martin Bo Nielsen or  Peter Stensig.

You can also be inspired by the video below or read more about tailored project models.


Experienced project manager as an external consultant

Strengthening an organisation with an experienced project manager is crucial.

All organisations run the risk of running out of critical resources. At Mannaz we offer to take on the project management role for short, medium, or Mannaz we have very experienced project managers in various fields including construction, planning, public projects, IT, pharma, and manufacturing. We are ready to offer support whenever and wherever.

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Contact Lars Bebe Johannessen or Oscar Gomez Svendsen.

interim projektleder Ekstern projektleder

Steering committee training

Research and show that an effective and trust-driven relationship between the project manager, the steering committee, and general management is one of the most important aspects for ensuring successful projects.

We the necessary and constructive tools and competence needed to contribute as a member of a steering committee through both theory and case-based exercises. Add-on activities could include assessments among the project managers in the organisation to review the current project landscape.

Evaluation of project maturity

The project maturity of an organisation describes the effectiveness with which the works with projects as well as learning from past experiences. When the maturity level is too low, it can often lead to economic waste and critical delays.

Mannaz offers to examine the project maturity in your organisation to evaluate where to focus your efforts in increasing this maturity. Furthermore, offers a selection of specific focus areas that will support your journey towards a higher maturity level.

Faciliation of inspirational talks

Mannaz’s experts can provide presentations for your organisation or team which focus on a specific issue that can serve as a driver for your success. Mannaz’s consultants have worked extensively in private companies and public organisations, and this experience fuels inspiring presentations tailored with a direct connection to your daily life.

For example, during training days or networking days for management or project managers, Mannaz can deliver an inspirational presentation, including the latest Danish and international research in the field, on current topics such as risk management, programme management or AI in projects.

Learn more about presenters, current topics and see our inspiration catalogue.

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Contact Lydie Lambert to discuss whether Mannaz should provide your next inspirational presentation.


Establishing project academies

Organisations with many project managers can from an IT-based internal academy that provides an overview of sign-up dates for courses and general information.

Working closely with you, we offer start-to-finish development journeys where your employees have an accessible summary of their ongoing competency development. This also provides you with the opportunity to create an overview of educational actions needed to keep project managers, participants, and steering committees updated with the latest knowledge.

Training in project participation

Participants of the project are the backbone in ensuring that projects are finalised on time and that expert knowledge is injected throughout the project life cycle.

Mannaz consultants support the participants during their first encounter with project management and teach them the basic theory of projects. There is also a focus on how you as a project participant can support the overall objective of the project. This is equally relevant to specialists who are new to working processes.

Are you curious to hear more?
Contact Daniel Ladefoged Jensen or Isaac Bagayaza Kasule and find out if project participant training is something for you. You can also participate in a course by registering.

Projektdeltager træning

Project communication

More and more projects run into issues when the flow of communication is flawed.

We focus on this exciting area of expertise. We focus on the communication of the project’s progress, potential, and difficulties as well as expert knowledge on the project manager’s role as a media centre during the project’s life cycle.

Co-piloting & Coaching

Our experienced consultants at Mannaz help the project manager to become successful.

We work with an increased focus on competency development as well as sparring and coaching during the life cycle of the project. This is to ensure that the project is completed successfully while providing extensive learning to the project manager. An experienced project coach is an invaluable support throughout the complex and turbulent phases of a project.

“… we absolutely cannot have projects that never deliver what they promise.”
Professor Bent Flyvbjerg, IT University of Copenhagen

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Our team of people has a broad, impressive background in specific subject areas, academic theory, and human behaviour.

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Discover programmes and training for project managers

Project Management SAVE 23%

Mannaz Project Management Programme

A practice-oriented and realistic project management education with the possibility of an IPMA® certification.
Acquire a holistic understanding of project management and a useful toolbox of tools for planning, leading and managing your projects. Learn to motivate; explore your leadership behaviour in depth; and learn to deliver results in projects at all levels.

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Project Management

PRINCE2® Foundation

Get ready for the future of project management with PRINCE2®.
Increase the success rate of your projects by applying a method that eliminates the risk of errors and failed projects.

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Project Management

Become a Scrum Master

Become a PSM® I certified Scrum Master from
A Scrum Master is the facilitator of a team that works with the agile method Scrum. In this course you get concrete tools and techniques to help you function as a Scrum Master. The course prepares you for the official certification "Professional Scrum Master® I (PSM® I)". You can choose whether you want to participate in the course physically or virtually depending on the selected date.

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Half Double i praksis

Intensivt kursus med personlig sparring. Få hurtigere og større gevinst i dine projekter.
Nå det dobbelte på den halve tid med Half Double, projektledelse med succes. Half Double bygger på kendte metoder som Lean og Agile. Forskere fra anerkendte universiteter og over 2.000 erfarne praktikere har gennemgået den nyeste viden og de vigtigste metoder, som Lean og Agile, og identificeret det allervigtigste indenfor projektledelse. Det er Half Double.

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Project Management Inquiry?

SAFe® Agile Product Management (APM Certification)

Use Design Thinking to create valuable products in the Lean Enterprise.
On this 3-day course, you get the right mindset, skills, and tools to create successful products and solutions by using Agile techniques.

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Leadership Development New title

Leadership Programme

Develop your leadership skills in a safe environment with likeminded peers. This programme is for leaders at all levels in the organisation, with a minimum of 2 years´ experience of people management.
Future leadership calls for authenticity and an ability to create a developing environment for your team members. This programme will support your journey towards becoming the leader you want to be for yourself, your team, and your business.

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SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

Aligning your strategy with execution - based on the most frequent version 6.0 of SAFe®.
This course is an interactive two-day course that includes another optional one-day “Getting Started with LPM” workshop.

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Project Management Inquiry?

SAFe® 6.0 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) with certification

The course provides you with the optimal opportunity to master the role of Scrum Master and to develop your leadership skills in a SAFe® based organisation. On this course, we'll take the Scrum Master role to the next level', and finish with a certification.

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