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We collaborate with public leaders to design human fit organisations that unlock people’s potential and deliver on citizen needs in an ever-changing landscape of expectations and possibilities.

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How do public leaders unleash people potential?

While known for its efficiency and high quality, the Danish public sector faces several pressing challenges – from ensuring service quality to creating human fit working environments, empowering talent while navigating political agendas, and meeting budget constraints and the changing needs of citizens.

Developing specific leadership skills is essential for your ability to navigate complex challenges and drive impact. One thing is communicating clearly and engaging with stakeholders to foster transparency, trust, and support from the community. Another is to set strategic goals that drive forward innovation and digital transformation while cutting down on bureaucracy. There is a great need to rethink public organisation making it fit for humans – and for the future.

Set strategic goals that drive forward

At Mannaz, we do exactly that. We help structure inclusive and effective environments, bringing forward in-house innovation and self-empowerment in teams and departments, enabling leaders to deliver on external expectations and enhance work joy.

We also help public leaders develop their leadership toolkit through our acknowledged public leadership programme and community – also widely drawn upon by leaders from the private sector.

Public insight
Proces Facilitation How to manage complex projects

Leading across boundaries isn’t always an easy task when projects are large and complex. Use these five focus points to successfully lead co-creation around complex projects so that all parties benefit from the collaboration.

Strategy & Organisational development Organisational resilience – building capabilities to navigate in uncertain times

In Mannaz, we believe in building resilience based on openness, flexibility, and adaptability rather than armoring up. In this article we will explore some of our experiences with building that kind of resilience into organisations.

Leaders & Teams Inner Development Goals: Global Change Requires Personal Transformation

Change is hard…really hard. This is where Inner Development Goals come into focus. These goals describe the capabilities, qualities, and skills we need in order to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) created by the UN Member States in 2015. IDGs are intended to provide an essential framework of transformative skills for sustainable development.

Service within the area of children and youths

Read more about how we are helping and inspiring our customers.

Professionalisation of School management within managers and management teams

School leadership is a complex task that should be supported by competence development combined with sparring close to practice. Preparation of a personal leadership foundation, as well as a common leadership foundation, is a good starting point for not standing alone in the difficult balance between development and operation. Likewise, data-based leadership and distributed leadership are key competencies for leading the development of Pedagogical Learning Centres.

Cross-functional collaboration between political intentions and the requirements of local schools

Cross-functional collaboration and creating coherence between political intentions and the requirements of local schools.

A common school system that can handle the complex challenges in the field of education requires a common language and toolbox as a basis for increased knowledge sharing and cross-functional collaboration between schools, consultants’ supportive work, and across departments such as PPR, school departments, and pedagogical centres.

Pedagogical Learning Centre (PLC)

Pedagogical Learning Centre (PLC) is an organisational culture and a form of collaboration that works for both leadership teams and teams of professionals.

Collaborating as a professional learning community promotes learning and well-being for children and young people. However, it is easier said than done. It requires that we are motivated by a common learning vision, have psychological safety, and support each other in finding ways to change our practices through systematic collection, investigation, and reflection on data and a strong feedback culture.

Services within the Elderly Area

Co-management based on the Buurtzorg model

Set your employees free for better results and lower costs.

Dedicated employees can and gladly take great responsibility – when they can influence the organisation, execution, and follow-up of tasks.

In collaboration with Dutch homecare organisation Buurtzorg, Mannaz has developed a roadmap from a traditional organisation to self- and co-leading teams in elderly care.

Conversational professionalism in elderly care

Get more care and presence.

Attentive and caring conversations are a central part of good elderly care. But it’s not always something that comes by itself.

In collaboration with Aalborg Municipality, Mannaz has developed a course that provides employees and managers with concrete conversation tools that create joy and satisfaction for the elderly.

Read more here (in Danish)

Services in the area of employment and job centres

The Job-Oriented Conversation

Learn how conversations become more targeted and motivating.

Through the course, you get a common language for good conversations. You get concrete tools so that conversations become both more targeted and effective and at the same time more motivating because you become better at taking the individual’s situation and needs as a starting point.

The company-oriented effort

Get concrete tools for collaboration.

Topics in the education:

  • The job centre’s core task and the business consultant’s roles
  • Sales and service
  • Authority culture and corporate culture
  • Corporate recruitment strategies
  • Companies’ attitudes toward employees who have challenges
  • Companies’ expectations of cooperation with the job centre
  • Meeting facilitation and a good follow-up meeting

The good member service - good conversations are part of professionalism

Courses that strengthen member service in the unemployment insurance funds. Training in telephone conversations and written communication with a focus on helpfulness, trust, and clarity.

Collegial feedback and learning culture

Learn from each other and strengthen quality.

The headings of the teaching are typical:

  • What is learning culture?
  • Professional management
  • Facilitation of learner meetings
  • Systematic quality development and use of data
  • Collegial feedback and sparring

Strategy and change

We act as process consultants who plan and facilitate the strategy process or change project in close collaboration with managers and key employees.

Meet your team

Our team of people has a broad, impressive background in specific subject areas, academic theory, and human behaviour.

Senior Consultant

Discover Leadership Traning and Programmes

Leadership Development New title

Leadership Programme

Develop your leadership skills in a safe environment with likeminded peers. This programme is for leaders at all levels in the organisation, with a minimum of 2 years´ experience of people management.
Future leadership calls for authenticity and an ability to create a developing environment for your team members. This programme will support your journey towards becoming the leader you want to be for yourself, your team, and your business.

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Leadership Development

Introduction to Leadership

Get ready for your role as a leader.
Gain insight into the challenges and responsibilities that come with your new leadership role – and strengthen your qualifications to successfully take up the leadership role.

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Sales & negotiation

Negotiations that create results

Give yourself a head start in reaching your negotiation objectives.
You will only fulfil your ambitious objectives in a negotiation by creating an experience of shared success. Receive the basic tools for setting up and managing negotiations where both parties feel that their voices have been heard so that you achieve your results in unison.

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Communication and Dialogue

Learn to communicate more effectively and attentively.
Do you often get frustrated that others misunderstand what you are saying? Learn to manage and alter your communication so that you communicate in ways that your recipients will understand. This course focuses on behaviour, body language, emotions, and more.

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