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Youth Advisory Board: Andreas Palm Knudsen

Friday, October 27, 2017


Andreas Palm Knudsen




Copenhagen Business School

Field of study

Cand.Merc.IBS (MSc International Business)

Three words that describe you:

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Humble
  3. Motivated

What motivates you?

I like to set goals for myself and work hard on achieving those objectives. In having something to strive for, I acquire a lot of energy in seeing myself progress towards that goal which helps me even when the days get long or the tasks are challenging. This is a circular process. meaning that I keep challenging myself and can achieve new and even more challenging goals as a I develop in my career and personal life.

What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board?

I think the whole setting of a Youth Advisory Board is an initiative where Mannaz is among the first movers, and I hope that this can show other companies what value it can yield for themselves as well as for young people entering their careers. I hope to be a part of showing this impact and learn about Mannaz in the process. Most importantly however, I look forward to learning about the other members’ thought process on all the interesting topics that we will discuss, and how we together can strive to create value with our outside perspectives and “young” mindsets.

What would you like to contribute to by being part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board?

Coming from a diverse multicultural background in my course of study, workplaces and personal life, I hope to contribute with a different perspective inspired by that of other young people from around the world. Besides that, I hope that my understanding and interest of International companies and their management will provide an interesting addition in our discussions.

What would you describe as your biggest learning experience?

When I came back from 6 months in Australia following my exchange program, it really opened my eyes on a personal level in regards to my own motivation and what I spent my time on. As my interest shifted towards new things, I have definitely seen a remarkable change in my every day and how I value and spend my time very different from before. This has provided me with amazing opportunities in terms of jobs, travelling and incredible new relations, and it really underlines my motivation as mentioned earlier, in that one should always strive to achieve certain goals for oneself, however it is important that you don’t get stuck once you achieve them.

What change would you like to see in companies and organisations?

I think it is possible to answer this on many levels. I do not pretend to know the future or what is best for companies in general. However, what I would like to see is a willingness to adapt and utilize new knowledge early in the process. It is easy to get stuck in old habits that functions fine, but as the world becomes ever more connected, and information becomes the currency of the future, companies should not be resistant to change, but prepare their organisation for such a disruptive environment and make sure that they thrive it in.

When your time is not occupied with studying, work and the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board – how do you like to spend your time?

I really enjoy swimming and cycling at the moment, and as I continue to improve in both they seem to become even more interesting and challenging! :-) Besides that, I’m an amid watcher of a couple of Tv-shows and then I spent a lot of time socialising with my dorm mates!


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