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Mannaz strengthens its Nordic presence


Mannaz A/S acquires the Swedish-based consultancy company, PlanB to further strengthen its position as an international frontrunner in leadership development.

Over the past ten years Mannaz A/S, headquartered in Copenhagen, has established offices in London and Hong Kong and has experienced an increasing demand for its innovative approach to leadership development. Today Mannaz A/S develops leaders and project managers in many of the leading companies in the world.

Mannaz A/S already holds a strong position on the Swedish market but has for some time been looking for an adequate partner and spearhead to further strengthen its position in the Nordic region:

“Sweden is a very attractive market for Mannaz; the financial business environment in Sweden is very healthy, the market has a lot of resemblance to the Danish market and we are already partnering with several global Swedish based companies”, says CEO Mette Vestergaard. PlanB is a Swedish based consultancy specialising in leadership development and corporate transformation. PlanB was established in 2000 and has experienced a positive development since its formation and has offices in Malmö, Stockholm and Copenhagen. “PlanB is the ideal partner for Mannaz A/S in Sweden. We have followed PlanB since they were established and know them as a very professional company, that is strongly anchored in their Nordic heritage, sets very high standards and shares our view on innovation and quality,” says CEO Mette Vestergaard.

“We are very happy to becoming a part of Mannaz and are convinced that this acquisition will have a great impact on us and on our clients. PlanB has been operating in the Swedish market for 15 years, has a great market insight and works with some very competent people and with some highly esteemed clients in Sweden. Combining this with Mannaz’ global network of colleagues and associates we will be able to increase our proposition to our clients by offering international, modern and market leading leadership development.” says Henrik Challis, CEO at PlanB

The acquisition has been effective from 18th of February 2015

About Mannaz:

Mannaz A/S is an international frontrunner in leadership development. Every year we design and deliver programmes for more than 10,000 executives, project leaders and specialists. Using our innovative and efficient learning methods, we empower people and organisations to improve performance and business results. With offices in Copenhagen, London and Hong Kong and an international network of experts and facilitators, we work with clients across the world.

About PlanB:

PlanB specializes in strategic development processes integrated with leadership development and has since it was founded in 2000 had a positive development with an increasing growth and level of demand both in Sweden and internationally. Today PlanB has offices in Malmö, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

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