Mannaz increases its efforts in the fields of diversity and inclusive leadership

1. May 2021 - Share

With CEO, Marianne Egelund Siig at the helm, Mannaz has made a notable impact in the fields of diversity and inclusion. Now, the appointment of Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen will further strengthen this consulting/learning firm.

The psychologist Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen holds a PhD in Cross-cultural Diversity and has in-depth knowledge of the psychological mechanisms at the root of cognitive bias. She has a total of ten years’ research experience at Qatar University and Aarhus University and worked for four years as a management consultant. Now she joins Mannaz’s strong international diversity and inclusion team, which, led by Stuart Turnbull (Head of International Consulting) and, particularly, Marianne Egelund Siig (CEO), is in the process of setting new standards in the field.

Enhancement of the international team

About this impressive appointment, Marianne Egelund Siig (CEO) says:

“Christina’s background and expertise can bring valuable knowledge, experience and insight to the journey we’re on, helping companies ensure equality, diversity and inclusion.”

“For Mannaz, it’s ultimately about making a difference. About creating organisations and cultures, in which all talents have influence and all voices are heard. Where there is room to differ and space for everyone. Because it leads to better well-being and is the best strategy on all bottom lines. I really look forward to working with Christina and continuing to make a difference in the D & I field for Mannaz clients.

Diversity is also about strengthening decision-making skills

Together with the rest of the Mannaz team, Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen will be providing advice on diversity and inclusive leadership.

“Diversity is nothing without an inclusive mindset. It is about being curious and combining different perspectives to support better decision making. I am so glad that leaders around the world are beginning to focus on the potential in diverse teams” she explains.

Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen adds:

“I am passionate about the whole field of diversity, and I look forward to this unique opportunity to use my knowledge of inclusive leadership, cognitive bias and cultural diversity in collaboration with a strong team at Mannaz.”

Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen will join the Mannaz international team on 1 May.

About Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen

Management consultant, psychologist, PhD, researcher and author.

Christina is a highly skilled equity, diversity and inclusion expert (ED&I) with deep knowledge of the psychological mechanisms behind cognitive bias. She facilitates decision-making and sustainable development in organisations through increased cultural awareness and collaboration. Christina is the author of ‘Biasbevidst ledelse’ (Bias Conscious Leadership).

As a trained cognitive psychologist with a ph.d. in cross-cultural diversity she joined Mannaz after 10 years of research at Qatar University and Aarhus University with leadership consulting on the side. Since 2008 she has worked strategically with diversity and inclusive leadership in both Scandinavia and the Middle East to raise the quality of decision-making processes and strengthen sustainable development.

Contact Christina or +45 2682 8885