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New CEO for Mannaz A/S

The Board of Directors of Mannaz A/S has appointed a new CEO as of June 1st, 2020. Marianne Egelund Siig will set an ambitious direction for the development of people and organisations.

The Board of Directors of Mannaz A/S has appointed a new CEO as of June 1st, 2020. Marianne Egelund Siig will set an ambitious direction for the development of people and organisations.

Amid the uncertainty of the Corona crisis, Marianne Egelund Siig joins Mannaz as CEO.

Chairman of the Board, Lilian Mogensen, is looking forward to the collaboration: “Marianne Egelund Siig has exactly the right profile to lead Mannaz. We look forward to welcoming Marianne and are confident that with her experience and good personal values, she will be of great benefit to our customers, employees and associates all over the world.”

The feeling is mutual: “I am proud and humbled to step in and lead one of Denmark’s largest providers of courses and education,” says Marianne Egelund Siig. “An organisation that for over 45 years has been a beacon within the industry of competence development and change management.”

Digital investment pays off during the Corona-crisis

“It’s a turbulent time to take over the reins. However, Mannaz’ strong portfolio coupled with the strategic focus on digitalisation and sustainable transformation makes us well equipped to develop and advise organisations and leaders in these turbulent times,” says Marianne Egelund Siig. “I’m delighted to be part of a strong leadership group and a team that creates value, even in the difficult times we face.”
Lilian Mogensen continues: “During the crisis, Mannaz has benefited from recent years’ efforts to deliver at a distance. Many customers, both in the Learning and the Consulting part of Mannaz’ business, have long preferred digital and virtual deliveries, which has given Mannaz an advantage when the crisis set in.”

Sustainability, digital transformation and increased competitiveness

A remarkable leadership career, both from the consultancy industry and from management positions in Nordea, is the reason for the appointment of Marianne Egelund Siig. She has set new standards for leadership, competence and organisational development.

Marianne Egelund Siig has worked with renowned, international business schools and engaged in the public debate on leadership. In recent years, she has been a trendsetter in leading the diversity agenda, where she is recognized as a trusted advisor.

“We are dedicated to developing people and organisations around the world – efforts that enhance competitiveness, sustainability and digital transformation,” says Chairman of the Board Lilian Mogensen. “We’ll only succeed if we draw on the entire talent pool, so naturally diversity is an important issue for Mannaz.”

Roots of engineers and in the STEM subjects

“Mannaz’ human-centric values are attractive to me and match who I am and what I stand for. I know that with this approach and Mannaz’ roots in engineering and STEM, we can make a difference on sustainability and digital transformation,” says Marianne Egelund Siig. “I’m sure that Mannaz’ Nordic approach to leadership increases the impact both in the Nordic countries and in Mannaz’ current and future international markets.

It’s a meaningful job and I look forward to meeting employees, customers and partners, so we can take the next steps together. It’s Mannaz’ journey, of course, but it’s also the journey towards sustainability and digital transformation that all organisations, leaders and employees – even our entire society – faces today.”

Mannaz expands the Board of Management

In connection with the appointment of the new CEO, Mannaz A/S will expand the Board of Management to include Mette Skøt as Chief Commercial Officer. The Board of Management will thus consist of Marianne Egelund Siig (CEO), Martin Søgaard Nielsen (CFO) and Mette Skøt (CCO). Mette Skøt is responsible for the Consulting business in Denmark and globally as well as for the commercial strategy across all Mannaz.

Here you can download the press release and the CV of Marianne Egelund Siig.


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Marianne Egelund Siig CEO Mannaz

Marianne Egelund Siig
CEO, Mannaz A/S
E-mail: mes@mannaz.com
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