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Agile project management is a popular and effective approach to managing projects in a changing world.

At Mannaz, we offer courses in agile project management that can help you become a successful and agile project manager.

What is Agile Project Management?

Agile project management is a paradigm that originated from software development.

With agile project management, there are no long-term plans and estimates. Instead, you work based on the principle that the world is ever-changing, and as you progress through a process, you become wiser and therefore, you cannot plan the entire project and its deliveries from the beginning.

In this regard, agile project management significantly differs from classical project management, where work is more plan-driven, following a waterfall model.

The Agile Approach

Agile is a way of working. Today, we face a constantly changing world, which demands flexibility and the ability to manage and implement changes.

It is, therefore, not only beneficial but also necessary to be adaptable and ready for change, with the ability to adjust. The agile approach has thus become a vital tool in this evolution.

The Agile Project

As a project manager, you cannot avoid the agile working method because the core of agile project management is the rapid creation of value.

In agile project management, we break a project into smaller stages, into sprints. This way, you can continuously respond to the changes that may arise during the process and prioritise what is most important.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding our agile project management programmes.

What is Scrum?

The most commonly used method for agile work is Scrum. Scrum operates iteratively, in sprints of up to 4 weeks.

The sequence of tasks is not predetermined here. Instead, you can start and finish as you please.

Freedom is, in general, the most central aspect of Scrum. This is because work is done in self-managing teams that can almost daily change direction if it makes sense for the team.

What is SAFe®?

SAFe® stands for Scaled Agile Framework.

Where Scrum is the agile method for teams, SAFe® is the agile method for organisations – that is, how the entire organisation can work together in an agile way focusing on constant and fast value creation. The SAFe® certification is owned by Scaled Agile Inc., and with skills within SAFe®, you can help your organisation implement agile principles.

Many organisations experience significant challenges when transitioning from plan-driven project management to agile project management, and here, SAFe® offers a range of tools for the entire organisation – not just on a team level.

What is the difference between agile and traditional project management methods?

One of the most significant differences between agile and traditional project management methods is the approach to project planning and control.

Where traditional and classical project management focuses on detailed plans with fixed schedules and milestones, the agile method, on the other hand, is far more flexible and can quickly adapt to unforeseen changes.


s agile project management relevant for all industries?

As a project manager, you cannot avoid the agile working method.

This applies regardless of the type of company you are in – whether it is software, the development of physical products, or knowledge production.

What is agile leadership?

Agile leadership is about incorporating the agile approach into your leadership style. It involves being adaptable and, therefore, adjusting your leadership to the specific situation, task, or employee.

Agile leadership may, to some extent, use the same methods as used in agile project management, but the agile leader should go beyond the common frameworks and work on agility and a high degree of adaptation in their leadership style.

What is agile transformation and development?

Agile transformation is about adopting agile methods and principles within a company, a project, or a team.

The transformation follows the agile approach and largely involves acquiring the ability to adapt to customer patterns and situation-specific changes.

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