Leading SAFe® 6.0

Get to know the framework and learn how to work effectively with agile scaling
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Duration 2 days
Location Aarhus, København
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28. oct - 29. oct 2024
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Project Management
Leading SAFe® 6.0

How to work effectively with SAFe®

In a world with rapid and constant change, agile principles are gaining importance in an increasing number of businesses. SAFe® or Scaled Agile Framework is an acknowledged framework for lean-agile product development in organisations, where several teams work from a shared cadence.

In the course Leading SAFe® you learn how to lead agile transformations in your organisation. You will get a thorough introduction to the SAFe® framework, which prepares you to work effectively with agile scaling.

With a starting point in the SAFe® framework, you will learn how to scale the agile practice from the team to the programme and across the entire organisation. With this, you will be able to deliver quicker and better results.


What is Scrum, and what is the difference between Scrum and SAFe®?

In short, agile is a way of working – a mindset – whereas Scrum is a framework that builds on agile principles and values. SAFe scales that frame and ensures that we can use Scrum on an enterprise level.

Programme structure and content

This course is held over 2 consecutive days.

During this course, you will be working on:

How lean-agile development differs from more traditional project methods

How SAFe provides a shared framework for the entire organisation. This extends from portfolio management over programme management to execution with several agile teams

How to organise value streams (all activities and steps that are a part of the solution for the customer) in “Agile Release Trains” also called ART – and deliver value, that will simultaneously ensure satisfied customers

How several teams can work together in an Agile Release Train (ART) to solve a shared and transverse task – with a focus on planning and flow in numerous levels

How you can become the driving force in working agile in larger and scaled programmes



Preparation material such as articles and videos, which you will need to read and watch before participating.

Information on how to prepare for the exam.

Information on the SAFe®Agilist certification.

The course will consist of a combination of theory and practical exercises in the SAFe framework.

On the course you will take an active role, participating in several practical exercises.

You will receive all presentations from the course, course material, posters, and guidance for the final SAFe® certification.

Participant Profile

The course Leading SAFe® is for anyone wanting an introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe®.

Your role might be as a change agent or leader, and you have to implement or drive an agile transformation.

Perhaps you are working with agile programmes or portfolios as a result of your role as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, or project manager. Or maybe you are part of a PMO.

If you are a leader in a business unit or an IT organisation, that works with innovation, then this course is relevant for you too.

Why take this course?

When you participate in this course, you will not only gain personal skills but also skills that your company or organisation can greatly benefit from.

Your personal benefits

  • Help scale agile development in your organisation

  • Understanding the SAFe® framework and its optimal use in your organisation

  • Form a general overview of your portfolios and the derived agile development initiatives

  • Navigating around the most common pitfalls of agile scaling

  • Adapting the framework to fit your organisation and context

  • Support a lean-agile-transformation in your organisation

Benefits for your organisation

  • Scaling the lean and agile development for the entire business

  • Support and implement “Agile Release Trains” (ARTs)

  • Coordinate large value streams

  • Leading a lean and agile portfolio

  • Supporting an organisation with a shared process model

Preparation, exam and certification

The SAFe® exam should be taken within 30 days of the last course day. The course includes 1 attempt for certification. You can acquire additional attempts at Scaled Agile.

How to prepare for the course

You’ll receive an email on how to prepare before the course. This will include guidance on articles and videos to read, watch and review, and how to prepare for the exam. There’ll also be information about the test and Leading SAFe®  certification.

About your exam

The exam is in English and is multiple-choice. It’s also a so-called web-based closed book and has a time-limited certification.

The test will be available through the SAFe Community Platform. You’ll receive your login for the platform on the final day of the course.

Both the test and the final exam have 45 questions that must be answered within 90 minutes.

The score to pass is 35 out of 45 questions or 77%

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