Presentation technique with an impact

Make an impact and leave an impression on your audience

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Get your message across

Whether you are selling, presenting ideas, describing visions, presenting projects or something else, you need the attention of your audience. The presentation techniques course teaches you how to get this. You will get tools, training and feedback to help you stand up in front of a group of people and present with impact.
Through theory, methods and practical exercises in presentation techniques, you will practise appearing convincing, increase your impact and improve the standard of your presentations.


Who takes part?

This course is aimed at individuals who want to learn more about, or get better at, preparing and delivering presentations. On the course you will receive training in the most important, fundamental methods for becoming an even better communicator. The course is aimed at people with limited experience as well as people who have given presentations many times, but feel that they could get even better. Since the course takes its starting point in each participant, both groups will improve their presentation skills substantially during the course.

Next available date: Available seats
4. nov - 25. nov 2019
2 days | 2 modules
Mannaz, Hørsholm
12.500 kr
ex. VAT
2 days  |  12.500 kr

Find out exactly what works for you

On this course we will work with the methods and the theories within rhetoric. Most importantly, the course offers numerous exercises, which will help you focus on exactly what you need. Individualized feedback helps us pinpoint what works for you when you present and how you can improve.

The course is made up of two separate days about three weeks apart. On the first day of the course, you will gain insights and receive basic training before continuing to work with your experiences at home. On the second course day, you will get additional theory and exercises that will continue to develop your competences.



You will improve your skills in the following areas

  • Mastering excellent body language
  • Creating a relevant storyline
  • Dealing with any anxiety
  • Focusing on the audience
  • Building credibility

Benefits for your company

  • Razor-sharp presentations
  • Confident and convincing communication
  • Intensive feedback for the employee

Contact me for advice

You are always welcome to contact me for advice on which course or programme will suit your needs the best.

René Fabricius Weichel +45 4517 6140

Contact me
Time & Place
Duration 2 days
Price 12.500 kr ex. VAT
Presentation technique with an impact
date 4. nov - 25. nov 2019
Module 2 Modules
Accommodation No
Availability Available seats
Price 12.500 kr ex. VAT

The price includes:

Before the course

  • Preparatory work

During the course

  • Two days of training
  • All meals
  • Log book for your personal notes
  • Course material through “My Mannaz”
  • Individual training and feedback from fellow participants and the facilitator on your own presentations
  • Video recordings of your exercises

After the course

  • Course certificate


Practical learning method

This course takes its starting point in up-to-date rhetorical theory and combines it with a multitude of exercises, individual training and feedback. The active focus ensures that you will be presenting on stage in a safe and confidential environment. Selected exercises will be recorded on video so you can see your own strengths and improvement opportunities. In addition to the facilitator’s feedback, participants will learn to give each other constructive feedback, so that everyone leaves the course with a positive experience and relevant input for how they can improve even more.



Kenn L. Hansen

Kenn Hansen

Kenn Hansen is one of the two facilitators, you can meet on this course. Kenn has an master degree in Rhetoric from Copenhagen University with a master thesis in PowerPoint.
Kenn has trained more than 10,000 people since 2005, and he uses his experience from international football refereeing in his training and as a preferred speaker on conferences. He is furthermore the preferred choice as trainer in several of Denmark’s leading consultancies, with extensive experience in coaching top-level executives. Kenn is part of the TEDxCopenhagen team as speakercoach and has written the Danish book TÆND about the making excellent presentations.


Christel Ladegaard

Christel Ladegaard

Christel Ladegaard holds an MSc in Communication and Leadership from Copenhagen Business School and she studied Marketing and Management at the Carlson School of Management in the United States. Christel has a background in the insurance industry and has for tha last 10 years been teaching communication and sales in many of the biggest companies in Denmark. Christel has created measurable results with clients and she has trained over 1000 executives, specialists, project managers ans sales people to communicate clearly in written and verbal communication.

Get a quote for a course to be conducted in your company

If several employees from your company wish to participate in the same course, you can choose a course from our broad programme and save money when the course is conducted internally in your company.

Contact Mariann Illum Vendler, or tel. +45 4517 6189.

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