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Challenging Conversations

As leaders we know that being able to have effective challenging conversations is important and often the more senior we get, the more important these conversations become. Issues with direct reports, peers and managers come up and need to be addressed but often we choose to delay these conversation…

Presence and Impact

Having Presence and Impact is one of a few critical success factor for mid to senior level leaders. For many, possessing what is often referred to as executive presence, helps to engender competence and trustworthiness in the eyes of others. This in turn, increases their chances of being regarded as…

Evaluate your leadership through dialogues rather than numbers and create more value

When evaluating leadership, measurements and quantitative data are typically the most popular methods – the question is, however, whether they create the value we want? Together with Glostrup Municipality, Mannaz, has developed a dialogical evaluation method, which replaces cold data with development-oriented dialogues that create nuanced results. The value is created through practice-based dialogues about the most crucial topics, which bring about nuanced results that you can act on.

Leading with purpose

The corporate purpose should capture how the organisation feels, thinks and acts, and relate to all stakeholders.

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