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Get the latest inspiration and new knowledge in our collection of articles within themes that are of greatest current significance to organisations. All articles are focused on best practice, benchmarks, breakthrough research and trends within leadership development. Our releases are published both in-house and in external media.

Are you a future leader?

To achieve success in the future, as a leader you must be able to reflect, surrender control at the right times and understand your employees' feelings. Read more below and gain insight into the competencies future leaders will need to achieve real participation from their employees.

Strengthen your leadership through reflection

Today, the management role is much more demanding, but also much more exciting than ever before. Read on below, and get an insight into the demands this places on the managers of today and the future.

Technology can be a competitive edge…

…but only if executives are equipped to unlock its full potential. New technologies will change every part of our businesses and make it possible to reach new heights – if we figure out how to leverage it in our context. To survive and thrive, top management levels must be knowledgeable about …

New tech and disruption on the agenda for the board

If boards are to continue to be successful in the future, then changes to the board's role, tasks and composition are required. Find out why and how – before the future catches up to your board.

Developing constructive disagreement in the board

When was the last time your board disagreed on something? Many board members have to consider that for a moment before answering. Some reply that fortunately it is a rare occurrence, while others say that it is unfortunately a rare one.

Prioritisation and effective work habits

We probably all know the type: despite having oceans of projects and huge responsibilities, they manage to solve all their tasks effectively and quickly. For some people, prioritisation seems easy – for the rest of us, there is still hope: We hereby present the central dynamics and factors on how you can get stuff done effectively.

Evaluate your leadership through dialogues rather than numbers and create more value

When evaluating leadership, measurements and quantitative data are typically the most popular methods – the question is, however, whether they create the value we want? Together with Glostrup Municipality, Mannaz, has developed a dialogical evaluation method, which replaces cold data with development-oriented dialogues that create nuanced results. The value is created through practice-based dialogues about the most crucial topics, which bring about nuanced results that you can act on.

Leadership for a new reality: becoming a purpose driven organisation

Why purpose The ability to work to purpose is altogether critical if organisations are to be sufficiently adaptable and responsive in the face of changing market conditions. The traditional 3-5 year plan is no longer a viable way of leading. Instead a rooted sense of overarching purpose has become …

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