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Influencing others – or the art of getting things done!

More and more of our organisations are becoming flatter, hierarchies are crumbling and matrixes are everywhere. The ability of a manager to give instructions and to quote Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek “make it so, number one” is eroding as cultures shift and as millennials come to dominate the work…

News! Mannaz recruits new Head of International Region

We are proud to announce the addition of Thorsten Querfurt to the London team as our new Head of International Region. Thorsten has held leadership roles with prominent management consulting firms Corven Consulting and Oliver Wyman, providing strategic and operational advice to global organizatio…

Process facilitation – making change happen

One of the most powerful ways of initiating organisational change is through creating engaging processes and better dialogues. If you see the potential for improvement, it may be time to dive into the process field to discover new methods and perspectives.

Challenging Conversations

As leaders we know that being able to have effective challenging conversations is important and often the more senior we get, the more important these conversations become. Issues with direct reports, peers and managers come up and need to be addressed but often we choose to delay these conversation…

Confidence and Assertiveness

In a world of volatility and uncertainty, there is nothing more compelling than a leader who demonstrates genuine confidence.  It is one of the key ingredients in gaining support for your ideas and followers for your projects.  After all, if you are not confident about your ideas and solutions, then…

Developing People

Managers who support the development goals of their team members and provide them with stretch opportunities and opportunities for coaching, will notice how quickly these activities can build both learning and engagement in their teams. This is especially true in the new economy, where personal and…

Presence and Impact

Having Presence and Impact is one of a few critical success factor for mid to senior level leaders. For many, possessing what is often referred to as executive presence, helps to engender competence and trustworthiness in the eyes of others. This in turn, increases their chances of being regarded as…

Misconceptions of coaching as a manager

I often run into the same set of misconceptions about coaching so I thought that I would take a moment and address three of the most common ones that I come across.

I want to be an internal coach…what should I consider?

Becoming an internal coach within a company is a profession that is growing. More and more, companies are seeing the value in developing their own internal team of coaches as they understand the value and impact that coaching can have on business growth and professional development.

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