Personal coaching

Personal Coaching

Become an even better version of yourself
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Fee From 3.000 kr. ex. VAT
  • 1, 3, 5 or 10 hours
  • Virtual or face to face at Mannaz
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    Personal Coaching

    Individual coaching focusing on your challenges

    A coaching programme with Mannaz is targeted, structured, and professional work with a focus on your personal and work-related challenges.

    Coaching is for anyone who is undergoing – or desires – personal and/or professional change.

    A coaching programme is tailored to your individual needs to support a meaningful development and change process for you.

    When can I be coached?

    Before your course or training programme with Mannaz to ensure an understanding of your current level and expectations.

    After your course as a follow-up, with the primary purpose of ensuring or enhancing the anchoring of learning – possibly with the same instructor you’ve already met.

    You can choose whether the coaching sessions should take place virtually or as a face-to-face session.

    A coaching programme's structure

    Some choose to use coaching regularly and have flexible agreements, while others use coaching for specific challenges or during particularly challenging periods. In such situations, three to five sessions are typically sufficient. Individual coaching can be conducted either in person or over the phone.

    The coaching process usually begins with an initial dialogue. In this first meeting, expectations and goals are clarified, an agreement on the framework and rules is established, and if there is good chemistry, the actual coaching process commences.

    Subsequently, the further course of action is determined based on your specific needs and opportunities.

    What do you gain from personal coaching?

    • Greater anchoring and application of what you’ve learned in your job
    • Increased self-awareness through reflection and awareness of your current situation and/or challenges
    • Fresh perspectives on your job and career, along with ideas on how to more fully utilise your resources
    • Clarity for achieving lasting results through active actions
    • Greater confidence when making decisions
    • Empowerment to act in line with your own goals


    Examples of prices for coaching with Consultant, Associate Consultant, or Senior Consultant for a duration of 1 hour. The hourly rate for coaching with Client Directors is agreed upon individually.
    The hourly rate is excl. VAT and transportation.

    • 1 coaching session: EUR 455
    • 3 coaching sessions: EUR 1.299 (EUR 433 per hour)
    • 5 coaching sessions: EUR 2.080 (EUR 416 per hour)
    • 10 coaching sessions: EUR 3.900 (EUR 390 per hour)


    Do you have any questions?

    Do you have questions regarding personal coaching with Mannaz?

    Let me give you a call for personal sparring.

    René Fabricius Weichel
    Commercial & Product Manager
    +45 4517 6140

    Meet your coaches

    Coaching at Mannaz is conducted by experienced senior consultants, all of whom have extensive practical experience in the business world and theoretical knowledge in leadership, project management, personal, and/or professional development.

    Individual coaching at Mannaz is based on three key principles: professionalism, experience, and ethics.

    Client Director
    Manager, Ph.d.
    Client Director
    Client Director
    Client Director
    Senior Consultant
    Vice President, Projects & Programmes

    Frequently asked questions

    Below you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding personal coaching.

    Can I choose my own coach?

    You can always choose which of Mannaz’s consultants you want coaching from.

    Send an email regarding your preference to and specify which coach you desire. If you don’t indicate a preference via email, we will ensure to assign a coach for your sessions.

    How quickly do I need to spend my coaching hours?

    Your coaching sessions must be held within twelve (12) months of the first conversation.

    Coaching sessions are personal and cannot be converted into other services at Mannaz A/S.

    What is the duration of a coaching session?

    A coaching session includes preparation and lasts for 50 minutes.

    Where does the coaching session take place?

    The sessions can either be conducted virtually, by phone, or in person.

    In-person sessions must take place at either Mannaz, Farvergade 8, in Copenhagen or Mannaz, Olof Palmes Allé 20, Aarhus N.

    Can I cancel my coaching session, if I am unable to attend?

    You can cancel your coaching session up to, but no later than 48 hours before the scheduled time. For cancellation, please contact your coach directly.

    If you cancel less than 48 hours before the scheduled time or if you miss a scheduled session, the coaching will be considered as conducted. This also applies if technical problems arise that make it impossible to carry out the coaching as planned.

    Can I purchase additional hours?

    Of course, it’s possible to purchase extra hours to extend your coaching.

    You can sign up for 1, 3, 5, or 10 coaching hours via our Personal Coaching page.

    Can I combine my coaching sessions with a personality test?

    Yes, it is possible to purchase additional personality tests.

    We recommend that you order the test after your first session with your coach. Together, you can determine a suitable test. We have a wide range of tests, and you can find the most commonly used personality tests and assessments here: Personality Tests.

    Personality tests

    We also recommend

    Personality test Virtual

    Mannaz 360° Leadership Profile - Basic (in English)

    Take the test and receive personal feedback on your results.
    The Leadership Profile Basic test can be a useful tool in various development processes aimed at the new leader, providing personal feedback that uncovers strengths and development areas, as well as potential needs for learning and development.

    1 day 3.999 kr. ex. VAT
    Personality test Virtual

    Mannaz 360° Leadership Profile - Advanced (in English)

    Take the test and receive personal feedback on your results.
    With Mannaz's 360° Leadership Profile Advanced assessment and feedback session, as an experienced leader, you gain deep insight into yourself as a leader. With this knowledge, you can develop and become an even better leader.

    1 day 8.999 kr. ex. VAT
    Personality test Virtual

    Hogan Assessment - Personality Analysis

    Take the test and receive personal feedback on your results.
    The Hogan Assessment Systems personality analysis supports organisations in selecting new employees, developing staff, or personal development of leaders.

    1 day 16.999 kr. ex. VAT
    Personality test Virtual

    Lumina Spark - Individual (in English)

    Take the test and receive personal feedback on your results.
    Lumina Spark – Individual is the latest tool in personality assessments, helping you build strong relationships with others. It can be used both individually, in teams, and as part of leadership development.

    1 day 9.999 kr. ex. VAT
    Personality test Virtual

    MBTI® Step I™ - Personality Type Test

    Take the test and receive personal feedback on your results.
    MBTI® Step I™ test is a useful tool in various development processes, including individual development such as employee and leadership development, as well as group development.

    1 day 3.999 kr. ex. VAT
    Personality test Virtual

    MBTI® Step II™ - Personality Type Test

    Take the test and receive personal feedback on your results.
    Once you have completed the MBTI® Step I™ test, you can delve deeper with the MBTI® Step II™ test for even more profound insights into yourself and others' behaviour.

    1 day 5.999 kr. ex. VAT

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