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Youth Advisory Board: Thomas Juul Hangaard

Monday, October 16, 2017

Meet Thomas. He is a member of Mannaz Youth Advisory Board. The Youth Advisory Board consists of seven talented students. They are the next generation to enter the workforce. We have invited them inside to get their perspectives on the services that are being developed in Mannaz as well as future concepts Mannaz could look into.


Thomas Juul Hangaard




Roskilde University

Field of study

Communication & Business studies

Three words that describe you:

  1. Adventurous
  2. Spontaneous
  3. Fighter

What motivates you?

My drive is my passion for exploring and the possibility of obtaining new knowledge. I like when my understandings are being challenged and when it’s not all given from the start. Therefore, I strive to understand the how and the why with the purpose of making the right change.

What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board?

Being part of Mannaz Youth Advisory Board gives me the possibility to discuss not only what is going on in the world right now, but at the same time also trying to have an influence through defining the future. By being in such a diverse group, I believe that I will be awarded with new input and greater understandings of the underlying mechanisms of different subjects. I also hope that I’ll get a greater network by working together with the other students and Mannaz, and at the same time create the best possibilities for me to become the leader of tomorrow.

What would you like to contribute to by being part of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board?

In collaboration with the Youth Advisory Board, I would like to help create the future of leadership.

I believe that I will manage to do so by being optimistic and open-minded to the ideas and projects we are going to work with. At the same time, I think that the diversity of my educational background will contribute to a greater insight of a given subject.

What would you describe as your biggest learning experience?

I believe that it was my studies abroad, not only because it was in another country, but also due to the fact that I made the decision overnight. I went to Germany for my studies abroad. The main reason I went here was due to a mistake in the process of getting in to university. As I could not get a diploma from Denmark because of the time limit I went to Germany. From this experience I’ve learned to adapt and react not only to unforeseen circumstances but also how a challenge is the possibility for a change by ‘thinking outside the box’.

What change would you like to see in companies and organisations?

One of the problems I’ve discovered in my project writings is that the understandings and beliefs in an organisation isn’t always the same across departments. I would like to see a new way of integrating the employees and their role. At the same time I would like to to see a change in how some of the embedded ideas or cultures are implemented, as they can harm not only the company but also the people involved. The internalization and the pragmatics behind should be considered more influential than it seems to be today. 

When your time is not occupied with studying, work and the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board – how do you like to spend your time?

Apart from the activities stated above, I’m part of the Study Board, the management in our voluntary university café and bar, and tutor at Roskilde University. I believe that my involvement in my education and the future of it as well as the volunteering is not only entertaining but also very rewarding in many different aspects. To see the new students become part of more than just an educational institution and experience how ideas, both big and the small ones, become reality is simply amazing.


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