Sustainability in Mannaz

Our approach to sustainability is to move what matters.
We believe inclusion, diversity, psychological safety, and securing a sustainable green future are key drivers for business operations that are financially sound and future fit.

Read on to learn what sustainability means to us,

what we do, and why we do it.


What sustainability means to us

Sustainability is a complex concept with many elements to consider. We strive towards developing Mannaz within multiple aspects, so it becomes a fully sustainable business that is contributing to creating a better world. These aspects include:

Environmental sustainability, where our focus is on circularity and minimising Mannaz’ CO2 emissions.

At the core of our social sustainability efforts lies inclusion, diversity, and psychological safety.

Our governance efforts focus on taking both a strategic and practical approach to our impact, risk and opportunities related to sustainability. For example, we focus on updating our procurement policies and our onboarding of associates to cover ESG elements that are key to Mannaz.

For Mannaz, financial sustainability means a focus on creating long-term results and ensuring a financially sound business.

Why do we work with sustainability?

It is important for Mannaz to be a sustainable company. We live by sustainable principles because they align with the foundational values of our business and outlook on life as individuals.

Like many other businesses, Mannaz’s sustainability transformation is a long process. We have not passed the finish line. We, ourselves, are on a journey towards reaching a greater degree of sustainability.

Mannaz Sustainability Ambition 2025

Mannaz’s Sustainability Ambition 2025 is closely tied to our overall strategy of moving what matters and ensuring impact. As part of our strategic priorities, Mannaz has chosen to focus on six Sustainable Development Goals that are closely related to our business and client collaboration.

Mannaz - Why do we work with sustainability?

We are We are dedicated to meeting this ambition and constantly strive to improve and measure our performance against six key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our board has approved this ambition, and we are dedicated to meeting it.

To achieve our Sustainability Ambition 2025, we have adopted an approach that involves a balanced portfolio of annual targets and initiatives. This approach ensures a continuous flow of actions that are engaging and effective in achieving our sustainability goals.

We balance short-term and long-term targets, as well as smaller, easy-to-implement initiatives and larger, more ambitious ones.


Examples of our initiatives across the 6 selected SDGs:

  • By choosing JEUDAN as the office provider for our headquarters in Copenhagen, we have switched to 100% green electricity from European windmills in 2024, certified by our electricity provider Ørsted.
  • We have established a partnership with the NGO organisation Station, for a closer collaboration to attract a more diverse group of students.
  • We have instated an updated set of procurement principles featuring sustainability criteria.

Our commitments, reporting & ratings

UN Global Compact Network Denmark

Mannaz is participating in the Target Gender Equality accelerator programme through its strategic partnership with UN Global Compact Network Denmark.

As part of the collaboration, we offer a number of our top skills on UN Global Compact Denmark’s programme ”Target Gender Equality”. Read more about the partnership.

Mannaz UN Global Compact communication on Progress (CoP)


See ‘Communication on Progress 2023 (CoP)’

See the guidelines for Mannaz in the Code of Conduct.


Mannaz has undergone an assessment by EcoVadis.

EcoVadis has performed a thorough evaluation of Mannaz’s policies, actions, and sustainability performance in different categories like environmental and climate, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

As a result of this assessment, Mannaz has been awarded an EcoVadis silver medal, which is a significant milestone for us. This recognition puts Mannaz in the top 25% of companies in our industry, and we are particularly proud of this achievement.

Sustainability on your business agenda

An essential aspect of our ability to make a sustainable impact is to inspire, educate, and empower our clients to take sustainable actions and move what matters.

Does your company need knowledge, tools, and training in development towards greater sustainability?

We offer courses, in-house programmes and tailored consulting services that will accelerate your company’s sustainability transformation.

Read about your opportunities

If you have any questions regarding our sustainability approach, please do not hesitate to contact:

Client Director
+45 2295 0151

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