Kari Johannsen

Kari Johannsen

Senior Consultant

I have a grounded expertise in the design and delivery of leadership and capability development programmes, as well as culture and behaviour change programmes and transformations.

I bring significant international experience to Mannaz, having worked with organisations across the UK, US, Africa and Australia, and across multiple sectors including Finance, Sport, Energy, Technology and Government.

I am known for my client-centric approach, and bring a creative and playful mind to programme design and facilitation. More broadly, I am driven by the mission of helping leaders at all levels to build and sustain a dynamic and thriving workforce by capitalising impactful behaviours and leadership capabilities.

Areas of competence
“When we experience the world as ‘too complex’ we are not just experiencing the complexity of the world. We are experiencing a mismatch between the world’s complexity and our own at this moment. There are only two logical ways to mend this mismatch – reduce the world’s complexity or increase our own.”
Kari Johannsen
Kari Johannsens upcoming sessions
3. sep - 3. oct 2024
Informal Leadership
Mannaz A/S, København K
24. feb - 31. mar 2025
Informal Leadership
Mannaz A/S, København K
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