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Partnership for success: Organisational development through leadership readiness

Hi-Tech Company

The case in short:

The challenge

  • To raise awareness of – and develop – leadership competencies within the company at all levels.
  • To ensure cost-effective programmes that match the culture, terminology, and needs of the company – across borders.
  • To ensure organisational adaptiveness to external factors as well as internal strategic development.

The solution

  • “In-house academy” – a full life-cycle service and partnership for leadership development.
  • Customised programmes for leadership development in connection with identified specific organisational challenges or changes.

The results

  • 2400+ leaders engaged in leadership training and activities within organisational development.
  • Full integration of new business units – with a common language, culture, and identity.
  • Organisation-wide knowledge of the strategic leadership challenges – and capacity to act on and work with these.

The challenge

Leadership, awareness and competencies

Being a hi-tech company with businesses and offices all over the world – leadership awareness and organisational adaptiveness are crucial to succeed in a very competitive market. The challenge faced by the company was how to build cost-effective – as well as widely accessible – programmes and initiatives. Programmes that should be grounded in the company’s culture, business reality and terminology – and focus on both business acumen and personal development. In addition, these programmes needed to be adaptable to encompass cultural differences – both in terms of intercultural differences as well as to different business cultures within business units and acquired companies.

The solution

A full life-cycle “leadership academy” partnership

Our services to the company are three-fold: One-third of our activities are related to organisational development and management team development. Another third relates to training leadership readiness at all levels: leadership development and top talent programmes.

The final third is a mix of the previous two (e.g. customised leadership development in connection to specific organisational challenges or changes).

With the leadership development programmes, we deliver a full life-cycle service – the “Leadership Academy”. Our responsibility – in close collaboration and in partnership with the client – is to deliver leadership training matching current needs, ongoing strategic initiatives and leadership focus areas within the company – at all levels. Acting as the “in-house academy” we have access to the company’s LMS for programme module administration and use this platform to coordinate venues, resources, trainers and participants, we follow up on the deliveries and measure impact.

The impact

Enabling leaders to act on strategy and business opportunities

Over 16 years Mannaz has developed almost 2400 unique leaders within the company. The developed competencies trained are strongly connected to the company’s identified strategic leadership challenges – which again are linked to strategic business challenges.

Mannaz is their close partner for organisational change and strategy implementation. Recently we operated behind the scenes to help with the integration of one of their newly acquired companies. We lead the work focusing on a common culture – enabling the company to execute the agreed strategy, develop a common identity, and integrate the newly acquired company into the rest of the group.

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