Lale Lee

Lale Lee

Senior Consultant
+45 2714 7911

Lale is primarily a consultant within Sustainability.


With a 20-years of cumulative experience in sustainability diplomacy, partnerships, policy-making, strategy setting, and implementation; I mainly help public and private organizations in driving meaningful and urgent action toward sustainable futures.

Crowned with eight years in a climate negotiation role in the UN Paris Agreement process, I have sectoral expertise in a range of industries such as health, transport, agriculture, finance and cultural heritage with specific focus on climate change and environmental sustainability.

Before joining Mannaz, I worked in several Ministries in Turkiye, OECD´s International Transport Forum, EU´s European Environmental Agency and UN´s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Now, I offer Mannaz´s clients my sustainability expertise in ESG Reporting, Transformative Sustainability Leadership and Sustainable Project Management as a Senior Consultant.

I have a MSc in Environment from King´s College London.

Areas of competence
  • Leading sustainability
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • Systems Thinking
  • The future of organisations
  • Working in multicultural environments
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“Carpe Futurum: To seize your desirable future, you need to start today to build it. I´m a believer in the innate good in people, yet realistic about our fallability.”
Lale Lee
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