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Increase customer loyalty to yield growth and profits

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The case in short:

The challenge

  • Design a strategy to get one division back on track in relation to growth and accelerate another division’s growth significantly. Increase customer loyalty.

The solution

  • Co-creation of new divisional growth strategies.
  • Design of strategy implementation processes.
  • Competence leap for leaders regarding strategy execution and strong day-to-day strategy focus.
  • Empowered and strategy-focused leadership teams from executive team to floor managers.
  • Anchoring of strategy by large-scale involvement of employees, strategy communication training for managers, and systematic follow-up and review structures.

The results

  • Created a strategy-focused organisation.
  • A united business with shared strategy focus across divisions.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Growth in revenue.
  • Increased profitability.
“Big parts of the organisation were involved in identifying specific initiatives for realisation of the strategy to create strategy anchoring and engagement of all employees.”
Jens Bjørn Andersen - CEO of DSV

The challenge

Grow the business

DSV has very high growth ambitions which could not be realised by fine-tuning the current processes. The high growth ambitions had to be viewed in line with the long-term global recession which significantly impacted global transport needs in a negative way.

Furthermore, due to technological innovations, the whole industry is under rapid change driven by customers’ needs and demands.

DSV has also grown quite significantly in recent years and not all processes and customer interactions were 100 percent aligned.

Growing a business in a recession market basically means gaining market share, so the job here was to gain market share, increase profits, transform the business to meet customers’ demands, and create alignment across all functions and divisions.

The solution

Creating a strategy-focused organisation empowering the individual

Starting with the top management team, we facilitated a combined strategy design and leadership team development process. A comprehensive analysis of external and internal factors was conducted to ensure the right decisions were made during the design phase. A systematic and wide-ranging communication package was developed alongside strategic communication training for managers to align the message and drive the launch of the new strategies. Big parts of the organisation were involved in identifying specific initiatives for realisation of the strategy to create strategy anchoring and engagement of all employees. To further enhance the strategy-focused organisation an OSM (Office of Strategic Management) was established and a systematic follow-up and review structure was implemented, to monitor the progress of the strategy and initiate corrective actions for continued success in a timely manner.

The results

Tangible results

The creation of a strategy-focused organisation and a persistent follow-up structure paid off. The two divisions, although significantly different, achieved and increased growth in revenue and profitability. Most importantly customers’ loyalty has improved and both divisions will continue harvesting from their efforts during the implementation phase even though the execution process will continue for years to come.

A united top management team now acts as role models for a daily focus on strategy and a collective way of servicing customers across divisions. New follow-up structures are implemented and new ways of working are a part of daily life for the organisation.

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