Our Approach

The essential ingredient in Mannaz is our community of more than 100 experienced people supported by a worldwide network of 150 experts. Empowering organisations with sustainable business thinking and competency development, we enable companies to create greater impact. And we have great fun while doing so.

The people

What is an organisation's greatest competitive advantage? Its people!

When employees at every level are motivated, they work passionately towards a common purpose and exemplify an organisation’s values.

Mannaz is dedicated to developing the capabilities of leaders and organisations. We work to understand, leverage and expand the existing strengths and abilities of individuals and their organisations, and work with them as they become the driving force in shaping and implementing their future. We call this our “enable and facilitate” approach.

By driving change from the inside of an organisation, leaders can make a substantial and sustainable difference in the marketplace. Thoughtful and inspirational leaders can provide the framework that allows people to strive for excellence and work together to reach common goals.

The Mannaz “enable and facilitate” approach brings out the best in our clients by creating positive change in individual behavior and corporate culture.

Today’s business environment is often characterised as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.  Mannaz helps to manage these challenges by encouraging organisations and business leaders to look ahead, understand their strengths, recognise the opportunities associated with change, and develop their greatest potential.  No other method enables such sustainable achievement.

Our people

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The potential is people