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Real people enabling real achievement.

Mannaz is committed to the values of “people first” organisations.

Our combination of leadership research, practical experiences from several of the most vibrant organisations in the world and diverse expertise of our staff is a critical factor in establishing and maintaining long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients.

Mannaz believes that multi-faceted backgrounds and a mix of skills contribute significantly to strategic thinking, particularly when our teams are charged with enabling organisations to see differently and facilitating change from within.

At Mannaz, our core team of 80 boasts a rich background in specific professional fields, as well as academics and the study of human behavior. They are joined by over 400 experts, consultants and facilitators from 40 countries, who collectively speak more than 40 languages.

Creating cross-cultural understanding not only fosters sustainable behavioral change, but enables Mannaz to provide global reach with local understanding.

Real people enabling real achievement is more than our mantra; it’s what we are committed to doing every day.

Our partners



Board of Management

Nicholas Brace Olsen

Nicholas Brace Olsen


Email: nbo@mannaz.com

Phone: +45 5139 6161






Martin Søgaard Nielsen


Email: man@mannaz.com

Phone: +45 5139 6253

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of six members elected by shareholders and Mannaz employees. Mannaz employees are entitled to elect two members of the board and to substitute members.

Lillian Mogensen

Lillian Mogensen


  • Chairman of the Mannaz board of directors since 2019
  • Chairman of expert council, for Healt Platform
  • Member of the board at Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen Theater and the Board of nurses and medical secretaries
  • Network Director at EGN Denmark
  • Advisor within Management and Digitalization
  • Previously Executive Vice President of ATP and Udbetaling Danmark


Carl Aage Dahl

Carl Aage Dahl
Board Member

  • Member of the Mannaz board of directors since 2012.
  • CEO, The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.

Eva Rindom

Eva Rindom

Board Member

  • Member of the Mannaz board of directors since 2018
  • Managing Director Atkins Denmark

Morten Flørnæss Kerrn-Jespersen

Morten Flørnæss Kerrn-Jespersen

Board Member (Employee Elected)

  • Member of the Mannaz board of directors since 2018.
  • Chief Consultant, Mannaz A/S.

Stefanie Baptiste

Stefanie Baptiste

Board Member (Employee Elected)

  • Member of the Mannaz board of directors since 2019.
  • Business Development Consultant, Mannaz A/S.

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