Mannaz 360° Project Leadership Profile (in English)

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Product Mannaz 360 Project Leadership Profile
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    Mannaz 360° Project Leadership Profile (in English)

    Mannaz 360° Project Leadership Profile (PLP) Assessment

    Mannaz’s 360° Project Leadership Profile (PLP) assessment is an evaluation tool that focuses on your strengths and areas for development as a project manager, aiming to help you become an even better project leader. However, it should not be viewed as a measurement of performance or a personality test.

    With this assessment, which includes a test and feedback session, you have the opportunity to concentrate on your development based on the specific needs of your project and organisation.

    At the same time, your organisation gains assurance that the development plan formulated from the feedback adds the maximum possible value.

    Assessment based on in-depth knowledge and experience

    Mannaz’s 360° Project Leadership Profile is based on extensive knowledge and experience in project leadership and management development in both public and private organisations for over 30 years. It is also grounded in Danish and international research on the future role of project management, as well as a solid theoretical foundation.

    The PLP assessment is continually updated to reflect the current competencies that are critically important for fulfilling project leadership tasks today and in the future.

    This is how your 360° PLP assessment works

    1. You receive an email with a link to complete your personal assessment and register your respondents.
    2. You complete the test online – at your convenience (it takes about 20-30 minutes).
    3. You have 7 days to select respondents, including 1-2 immediate supervisors/sponsors and a minimum of 3 project team members – preferably more. You can also invite relevant stakeholders and customers to provide feedback. However, there is no minimum requirement for these 2 respondent categories.
    4. The selected respondents receive a link to the survey via email, which is conducted online.
    5. The selected respondents have 3 weeks to complete the survey.
    6. We prepare the interpretation of your assessment (it takes about 60 minutes).
    7. We will contact you to arrange a date for your feedback session with one of our consultants. The session takes place virtually/online.
    8. The consultant and you will hold your feedback session, where you will focus on your strengths and development potential (it takes about 1½ hours).

    For the test, you will need a computer with internet access.

    All our consultants are certified in using Mannaz’s 360° Project Leadership Profile.

    Who can benefit from the test?

    Mannaz 360°  Project Leadership Profile is relevant for all project managers.

    Do you have any questions?

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