In times of change and increasing complexity, a truly strategy-focused organisation can push you ahead.


Building a Strategy

​What created your success in the past is not guaranteed to bring you success in the future. Your business is not the same entity it was then. Your customers are not exactly who you thought they would be. No matter which industry you are in, you have to adapt to changes and reinvent yourself through active and conscious strategic development. You need to build a strategy-focused organisation to leverage the total power of your organisation in achieving your strategic aspirations.

Key Challenges

  • Develop a differentiating bulletproof strategy securing a sustainable business
  • Formulating a strategy that doesn’t end up on the shelf
  • Ensuring organisational commitment by involving relevant stakeholders in the strategy process
  • Involving those responsible for execution in the planning process to ensure knowledge transfer and commitment
  • Working effectively with unwillingness or inability to change
  • Bringing people on board in a way that makes them comfortable sharing important doubts and concerns in time
  • Putting organisational resources to good use in the ongoing strategic development of the organisation.
“61% of C-suite leaders acknowledge that their firms often struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and its day-to-day implementation.”
Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit


Strategy only makes sense when translated into action. This is why we work with creating strategy-focused organisations.

​Mannaz enables businesses to create strategies that are encouraging, business-critical, and anchored in the organisation. By focusing on co-creation and sense making we – together – involve big parts of your organisation in strategy processing and implementation.

This ensures that you utilise your company’s resources to create a strategy-focused organisation where everybody contributes to the continuous development of your organisation.

​Strategy Enablement Services:

  • Creation of insight to improve decision making e.g. through PESTEL, SWOT, product profitability analysis, customer/market analysis, and more.
  • Facilitation of strategy development
  • Facilitation and enabling  strategy implementation and execution
  • Enabling strategy anchoring
  • Multispeed strategising

Strategy Enablement is…

Strategy design and implementation are interdependent and a part of an overall process of planning-executing-adapting.

This interdependence implies that overlaps between “planners” and “doers” improve the probability of execution.

In short, strategy enablement is the facilitation of ongoing strategic development integrated into organisational practice and behaviour.


The impact of a strategy-focused organisation is better business results and an organisation pulling in one direction.

​Organisations working with strategy enablement achieve a strategy-focused organisation which creates significantly better results over time.

​Business results
Business goals are reached faster and more jointly because all the power of the organisation is activated in developing your business. Depending on your desired outcomes, growth targets are reached, customer loyalty increases, turnarounds happen faster and with better employee engagement, or whatever is the most important objective for your business to succeed.

Strategy anchoring
The strategy makes sense to all. It is the way you do business and not just the cream on the cake, separated from daily operations. The whole organisation knows and uses the strategy as an active point of reference and as a guide for action and progression. On top of better business results, this creates higher employee motivation and passion for a united strategic direction.

Case study Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is today a world leader within the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

Case study International Hi-Tech Company

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