Brian Knappmann

Brian Knappmann

+45 9394 6874

Brian is primarily a consultant within Public management & Organisational development.


Purpose-driven and solution-oriented.
Initiator and co-founder of the first Danish home/nursing care organization in partnership with Buurtzorg International. Jointly created with municipality and private funds. Followed from the start and evaluated as the first in Denmark by VIVE – The National Research and Analysis Center for Welfare.
Seven years as a consultant in a management house and commercially responsible for top management programs in Denmark and the UK. A past as an IT consultant and a maintained interest in being up to date with new opportunities in the exponential development.
Leader of managers. Built and reorganized organizations with a focus on equal career paths; specialist and the managerial path. Training and coaching of staff at home and abroad.
The interest in self-organizing teams goes back to an earlier millennium, when studies in organization and management contained examples of Danish teams that were organized in this way at the time. Back to the Future.

Areas of competence
  • Digital Transformation
  • organisational development
“Rather do something wrong in good a fatih than do nothing. LifeLongLearning. ”
Brian Knappmann
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The potential is people