Process facilitation – making change happen

12. September 2018 - Christina Juul Anderson, Consultant & Bjarne Stark, Manager Share this page

Have you ever wondered what it takes to flip the organisational perspective from problem to potential? Read on below to find out.

In modern knowledge-based organisations, creating value is a matter of qualifying solutions through different perspectives – but far too often, differences in views and opinions lead to troublesome collaborations. Leaders not getting along and colleagues spending far too much time arguing about possible solutions, wasting both monetary and human potential.

Engaging people constructively in processes

Process facilitation is about finding ways to engage people constructively in the value creation. Especially in larger international organisations dealing with global markets, customers and very diverse groups of employees, good process and facilitation skills are key to succeeding in bringing people together and unleashing organisational potential across differences and individual agendas. It is ultimately a shift from problem to potential, from ‘no way’ to ‘let’s try’, from differences to similarities, from me to we.

One of the most powerful ways of initiating this shift is through creating engaging processes and better dialogues in leadership as well as in projects, change initiatives and execution. Start by investigating:

  • How good and energising are the dialogues we have?
  • Do we make the most of our diverse qualities and competencies?
  • Are our meetings full of vitality and empowerment?
  • Do we manage to involve people and engage them in change initiatives?
  • Are we positive and appreciative in our way of making decisions and implementing new ways of working?

If you see the potential for improvement, it may be time to dive into the process field to discover new methods and perspectives.

Want to learn how?

Process facilitation is a competency, which addresses the challenges of making change happen, of harvesting the benefits from any given change and of pursuing strategic goals by linking organisational conversations to performance.

At Mannaz, we have redesigned our top programme in process design and facilitation to enable you to tackle the challenges above (and more) in a global context filled with great challenges and potentials. With tools, perspectives and new competencies, you will be equipped to unleash the enormous potential in your organisation by carrying out engaging processes, which create results, empowerment and new energy in the organisation.


About the authors

Christina Juul Anderson

Christina is a driven and passionate consultant who has gained experience with driving organisational change processes, leadership development processes, training, coaching, facilitation and leadership sparring while continuously developing her eye for strategic organisational development. Christina is deeply engaged in the field of personal leadership and the development of inner quality of leadership, resilience and clarity of mind in busy and high performance oriented working environments. Christina is a trained coach and process facilitator and holds an MA in Business Administration and Communication from Copenhagen Business School.


Bjarne Stark

Bjarne Stark works as a consultant in areas such as process consulting, project management, scrum implementation. Bjarne has very strong management skills after having worked for several years as program director at Chaos Pilots, from where he has also graduated. In addition, he has operated his own consulting firm, worked as an internal development consultant at Aarhus County, served as project manager, and worked as a planner within the advertising industry.