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Our People: Anna Rosdahl

11. August 2017 -

Learn more about Anna Rosdahl, Senior Consultant in Mannaz.


I have a background in sales, marketing and executive recruitment. And 15 of years of experience working with leadership development, designing change & development processes, and coaching executives and management teams.

What do you do in Mannaz?

I develop leaders, teams and facilitate change in a creative and engaging way.

I function as a motivator by supporting development and change processes within organisations and individuals. I work wholeheartedly to help people and organisations find their full potential, to be more creative and to access their inner energy. I am especially valued for my ability to identify clients’ and organizations’ needs, and to build trust as a foundation for successful change.
I am also trained as a therapist and bring valuable insight into the change processes of individuals and their influence in corporate change.

What motivates you?

To make a difference in the world by helping leaders to lead with more consciousness, courage and responsibility – both for their own behavior and for the world.

My goal is to implement new patterns, structures and processes that enhance the development of both individuals and businesses.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment is being able to work with leaders and teams in a way that has really changed their mind-set and way of working together.

And secondly, my long and successful collaboration with clients.

What mistake have you learned the most from?

I learn from all my assignments and the exciting leaders that I meet. I have learned that “less is more” and that “transformation takes time”. I have also learned to be clear about what the client wants to achieve and what is possible in the specific setting.