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Youth Advisory Board: Mannaz collaborates with the future generations of leaders

If you are following Mannaz on LinkedIn or Facebook, you have probably noticed that we were looking for young talents from Denmark over the summer for our Youth Advisory Board. A lot of interested parties got in touch with us and the members have now been found. Read more below about the purpose of the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board and how organisations can get involved.

Statistics, reports, research and statements. A lot of work is being done to understand the coming generation of managers who are just now about to find their footholds out in the workplace. There are many questions. For example, what are the views of this generation on artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality? How do they want to be managed? What kinds of leaders do they themselves want to be? What types of workplaces are they looking for?

When it comes to companies making themselves interesting for the millennial generation, the struggle is intense. They are put under the microscope and studied closely and then weighed and measured. Companies are lining up around the block to tell us what it is the next generation wants and needs in order to be a part of the labour market.

At Mannaz, we have chosen a different direction; we have chosen to open our doors for the coming generation of managers and asked them to give us their perspectives on what they dream and believe that the labour market will become.

Over the summer, Mannaz was looking for talented students. The talents have now been found, and with their seven different backgrounds, together they now comprise the Mannaz Youth Advisory Board. The aim is to get their perspectives on the concepts that are being developed at Mannaz.

“With the Youth Advisory Board, we here at Mannaz want to increase our understanding of how the coming generation of managers see the development of  management and change moving forward. This insight is extremely valuable for our customers as it relates to management, culture, development as well as attracting and keeping employees.”

Claus Rydkjær

Branding, The Leadership Style of the Future, Multispeed Leadership, Digitalisation and Diversity & Inclusion are just some of the perspectives the young talents will be presented with. Furthermore, the young people will also have the opportunity to network and gain experience and get practical insights into the consulting and business world.

The members of the Youth Advisory Board will collaborate with Mannaz to communicate their views on how the coming generation of managers want to be managed in addition to what trends will impact the business world in the future. During the year, there will be held a series of workshops and network meetings where the Youth Advisory Board will discuss ideas, add their perspectives on management and apply a ‘youth sanity check’ on the newly developed concepts.

Keep an eye on our website and follow Mannaz on LinkedIn and Facebook. There, we will be presenting the seven Youth Advisory Board profiles on a running basis and offer their perspectives on the management of the future. Feel free to participate in the dialogue and let us know what your perspective is on the matter below the posts on our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Does your organisation have a perspective it would like to have tested by the Youth Advisory Board or wish to learn more? Please contact us at info@mannaz.com.

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