A short, intensive process for leadership, teams and organisations.

We generate a mix of practical short term measures while also making space to examine the bigger challenges and possibilities.

Build Back Better

We’re all in the same storm, just in different boats

The last few months have been a complicated mix of coping, adapting and preparing all at the same time.  Organisations have all struggled; some to survive and others to keep up.

It has been heartening to see how well many people and their organisations have fared, particularly the increase in altruism and openess to new ways of working.

Mannaz would like to help you make the best out of all the personal and organisational experiences during the Covid-19 crisis. Together we will explore what we can learn from the crisis and create the conditions for future success.

How can you build on these successes?

Do you want to explore what you and fellow leaders or employees have learned? How you can shape the impact on your strategies and ways of working?

We can help by facilitating a strategic learning session.

We will be working with you on questions like:

  • What changes do we make to our business model?
    • What risk and growth scenarios should we investigate?
  • What changes are needed in our people strategy?
    • How can we work and still keep our people safe?
    • How do we make ourselves, our teams and organisations more resilient?
  • What kind of leadership does our time call for?
    • What does the future way of working look like?

Did you know?

Build Back Better as a concept was defined and used by the UN for the first time in 2015 in connection with disaster relief.

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Mannaz has developed a short intensive process for leaders and their teams. We generate a mix of practical measures while also making space to examine the bigger challenges and opportunities.

If you’re interested in talking about how your organisation can Build Back Better, please contact our experts:

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