Are you making an impact in your current job?

14. March 2022 - Share

Mannaz Days

The past year has been a particularly busy year at Mannaz – an international frontrunner in the field of competency development and consultancy services. A new Copenhagen headquarters and an impressive list of new customers and projects in Sweden, Denmark, and England to mention just a few feats. None of these achievements, however, could have been obtained without Mannaz’ frontline consultants, collaborating closely with companies and organisations locally as well as globally.

If any, Cecilia Fagerberg Wästfelt knows what defines a great consultant. As the Country Manager of Sweden, she is heading the Swedish team of consultants and comes from a management and consultant background with experience of being responsible for Talent Management and Leadership Development in large organizations.

“At Mannaz, we’re very humancentric. Our consultants are experienced profiles, who not only understand the inner and outer qualities of leadership but also know what’s required to reach business objectives, change cultures, and make new processes work,” she explains.

“Being a consultant at Mannaz means that you’re making a real difference to companies, leaders, and employees. It makes every single workday meaningful as you’re shaping the future alongside our customers,” Cecilia adds.


We’ve found that sweet spot where experience and theory meet down-to-earth enthusiasm


Are you a good listener?

An important tool for a Mannaz consultant is the ability to listen. A skill that is rarely listed in job advertisements although it’s the foundation of most progress.

“Our consultants are living our values when they go to work. It’s always about what the customer needs to succeed, more than the slide deck we’ve prepared or some business model,” Cecilia explains.

The consultant team at Mannaz Sweden work with a mix of interesting projects and customers spanning from the public service sector to global enterprises.

“In terms of creating a great internal working environment and results for our clients, I think we’ve found that sweet spot where experience and theory meet down-to-earth enthusiasm. We KNOW what it means to manage and create results. We combine theory with praxis. So that the theory gets to live in the real world and create real results,” she says.


We don’t want to give you models; we want to give you results in a manner that fits your work life.


It’s all about making an impact

As an experienced consultant and manager, Cecilia, talks about the importance of making an impact.

“We’re very passionate about what we do. We want to make an impact, and we are. I think this is one of the key reasons why we’re experiencing an increase in new projects and customers,” Cecilia says.

That said, Cecilia is very much aware of the heavy demands leaders and organisations meet on a daily basis. “I know from personal experience what it’s like to be swamped with tasks. The same goes for my colleagues and this is why we always design e.g., change management processes or leader development with this in mind. We don’t want to give you models; we want to give you results in a manner that fits your work life.”

The Mannaz consulting team is focused on seeing both the big picture and the individual, and that requires a lot of experience and skill.


If you want to learn, share, and grow, Mannaz is really the ideal place for you.


A knowledge sharing culture

At Mannaz, knowledge sharing is vital and a part of the corporate DNA. If you have learned something that could help your colleagues, then there is plenty of opportunities to share.

“We prioritize internal knowledge sharing in e.g., practice groups. If you want to learn, share, and grow, Mannaz is really the ideal place for you. The knowledge flow is everywhere,” Cecilia says.

At Mannaz, you’ll find a mix of people, who have been with the company for a long time but also brand-new colleagues. That makes for an environment of fun, energy, and knowledgesharing.

“It seems to be a common denominator that people seek professional and personal challenging tasks but still would like to be a part of a strong community, and to keep it fun and flexible – and that’s exactly what Mannaz is all about,” she concludes.


Do you have what it takes to become a Mannaz consultant?

  • Do you want to shape the future?
  • Is it important for you to make a real impact?
  • Is flexibility important to you?
  • Do you thrive on challenging tasks?
  • Do you like to grow as a person?
  • Is staying on top of your field important?
  • Are you an experienced profile?
  • Are you a good listener?

If you have what it takes and have questions about Mannaz or being a consultant at Mannaz, you are very welcome to contact:

Cecilia Fagerberg WästfeltCecilia Fagerberg Wästfelt

Country Manager of Sweden

+46 735 22 29 82

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