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Mannaz Masterclass - Are you a purpose driven leader?

Release deeper levels of vigour and engagement

The pace of organisational change creates increasing demands on leader's internal resources. At times like these, you need a compass, a guiding star to help you navigate the turbulence.

During this session, you will:

  • Draw on inspiration from the likes of Simon Sinek, Dan Pontefract and Robert Dilts to create your own leadership statement
  • Explore tools to identify your own deeper purpose, as well as that of your organisation
  • Learn a method for re-engaging yourself and others in the challenges you face
  • Understand how to recognise the behaviours that can undermine effectiveness

The workshop will provide measureable outcomes for you and your organisation, including:

  • Giving you a deeper understanding of the values and beliefs that drive your decisions
  • Providing a template for finding your personal leadership purpose
  • Enabling you to approach your role with renewed vigour and enthusiasmand engagement


This Masterclass session is available at an exclusive special offer price of £25. 

A link for online payment will be sent to your email account once you have registered for this Masterclass.

Book your place

Thursday 24th May 2018
13:00 – 16:30

Lunch at 12:30

Mannaz London Office
3 Queen Square, Bloomsbury,
London, WC1N 3AR



Contact Mannaz

Please reach out to Stefanie Day,, Business Development Consultant if you have any questions.