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Development That Sticks: Overcoming the secret forces that prevent us from changing

Managers have long known that whilst it can be relatively easy to create a development plan, taking action can be much more difficult. This webinar explores the idea that for every development commitment we might make, there may also be a set of deeper, unconscious biases and feelings that stop us from really changing in the long run.

During this one-hour session, we use some of the latest psychological research to help surface some strategies that uncover and control these unconscious feelings and biases – Leading to development efforts that are more likely to stick!


The webinar will be delivered by Stuart Schofield and Terri McBride.

Stuart Schofield

Stuart is a Client Director at Mannaz and draws on professional practice as a business psychologist since 1995, specifically in the areas of leadership development and assessment and organisation development.

Prior to joining Mannaz, Stuart led the Leadership Development practice area within an international leadership consultancy. Stuart draws on his commercial experience and broad knowledge base to inform his approach and style. He works with mid to executive levels within his client organisations and as a Chartered Psychologist, he quickly gets under the surface of business challenges to support the development of truly impactful solutions.

Contact Stuart:

Phone: +44 203 119 1243


Terri McBride


Contact Terri:

Phone: +44 203 119 1253


The webinar is on 28th September at 10am UK time.



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