Building a Coaching Culture in your Organisation

In this session, Tracy will discuss what it takes to build a strong culture in organisations that can improve both employee engagement and financial performance.  She will reference current research gathered by ICF, HCI  and PwC and will use case studies from the 2016/7 ICF Prism Awards as examples of both how cultures are created and the impact they can have on organisations. 

This presentation will invite participants to think about the organisations they work in or wish to coach in and how this research and information would support them to focus on how those organisations could develop coaching cultures and what are some of the benefits of doing so.


The learning opportunities for participants will be to:

  • Define what is Coaching Culture
  • Understand what is required to develop a coaching culture in an organisations
  • Articulate the benefits of working towards a coaching culture
  • To consider methods of measuring the positive impact of coaching within the organisation
  • Knowing current and future research trends in this field
  • Consider how to apply some of this learning through looking at case studies of excellence in organisational coaching cultures


The webinar will be hosted by Tracy Sinclair, Global Chair of the International Coaching Federation.

Tracy Sinclair


The webinar is on Thursday 26 July at 10am UK time.



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